Beat Cancer – Stage 4 Cancer Reversed

Beat Cancer – Stage 4 Cancer Reversed by Rory – The Daily Coin

Chris has beaten stage 4 cancer through diet. As we have discussed in two different articles about our juicing regiment – click here and here – what we have found is our diet is the second most powerful tool we have to prevent and/or cure cancer. We are not offering medical advice as we are not doctors we are merely sharing what we found from researching a wide variety of successes around the world.

We have two examples of successful non-chemotheapy cancer treatment. Elizabeth Erin, Health Nut News, discusses Rob Mooberry and how is stage 4 cancer is now in remission and a series of videos from “Chris” discussing what we have discussed for some time – diet is king when it comes to being healthy and staying healthy.

When father-of-two, Rob Mooberry was given weeks to live because of his stage 4 colorectal cancer (which had spread to his bowels, lymph nodes, and liver) he did what many people do; he had surgery and then did a round of chemo and radiation. But even after pumping all that poison into his body, it only garnered him an 8 percent chance at life.

So, he set about researching alternative therapies, including a popular treatment center in Tijuana, Mexico. However, it was too expensive so he decided to see if he could try their detox at home: he would cut out all acidity, sugar, meat, and dairy from his diet. What he was left with was an alkaline, raw vegan diet.

When he had his next scan in early 2013, his cancer had shrunk by almost 80 percent. When doctors asked him if he wanted to continue treatments, he declined. By 2014, there was no trace of his cancer. Source

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Should Cancer Patients Take Turmeric?

I take turmeric, my form of Turmeric is called bossmeric.

Bosmeric-SR™ is a really powerful supplement that includes Turmeric. It’s designed to help with pain and inflammation, which is one of the things turmeric has been used to help with for centuries.

Chris is living proof that it is unnecessary to live with the diseases that are forced upon us. A diet consisting of organic, GMO free and as local as possible can provide our bodies with the appropriate nutrition to overcome the damage caused by a diet filled with poison as food.

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