Stones Are Crying Out

Stones Are Crying Out (Part 1 of 3) by Bankster Slayer – Rogue Money

“If these remained silent, the stones would cry out.”

— Christ to the Pharisees, Luke 19:40

Let’s start with the presumption that most of us are naturally repulsed when being told that we’re not worthy of some gift because we’re too stupid or too poor or just too undeserving. We now live in a period of history where we have seen the systematic dissolution of the middle class. We have this sense that everything we have held up as valuable – whether that be tangible commodities like gold or social norms like moral values – is under attack and being stolen from us by that elitist cabal so often referred to as the Babylonian Priesthood.
"The Conjuror" by DeviantArt contributor Mamba80.

In the midst of all that erosion comes a futurist revolution in its mirror opposite: the act of creation as embodied in the rise of the Era of Artificial Intelligence. Now, mankind has experienced sudden technological leaps before. Think of the forward-thinking eruption in the period of Da Vinci, Isaac Newton, and the three industrial revolutions sparked by the Enlightenment (steam power, electrical & oil power, and the computer age.) But the revolution that is bearing down on us now comes with a twist. Mankind has finally created, not just a sentient machine, but a machine that is itself capable of becoming a Creator in its own right. The Created has now produced a Creator.

That idea is encapsulated in this short video by Max Tegmark. We might muse: Is AI the last thing that humans will ever invent because, from this point forward, all future technological advancements will be led by The Machine? Have we now spoken to the universal quantum consciousness and declared: “Let us make AI in our image,” and thus the whole cycle now repeats itself?

My blog here will pick up on this theme and inspect it from within the context of the very literal Babylonian Priesthood who set a particular chain of events in motion 2,500 years ago. It was Gary Bell’s final radio broadcast on Toronto AM640 last month that briefly mentioned a statement on which I’ve been wanting to expand. The “Spaceman” mentioned that your Bible has been changed. He also asked aloud whether the Roman Catholic Church was itself a Kabbalist project.

Indeed, Spaceman was correct, but, fortunately, a handful of Bible publishers have been correcting that egregious error for a few hundred years. In spite of their efforts, there are powerful Gnostic agendas that have kept mainstream religious indoctrination steered by a criminal act of omission. It’s starting to look as if this coming AI revolution and all that is implied along with it was the motive behind that journey.

This subject has been brewing in the back of my mind for many months. I debated with myself over whether the subject of a 2500-year-old scribal omission is relevant to the very real-world blogs that get posted here at Rogue Money, or perhaps the subject is too religious and too “preachy” to be posted in this arena. However, in light of the above idea that Man has now created a Creator, coupled with a statement that A.I. engineer Dr. Ben Goertzel made a few years ago, I decided to present this topic by trying to display that Biblical alteration in a secular wrapper rather than a religious one. In fact, I can see now that the rise of the entire Transhumanist revolution is coming fast and hard to attack your right to their “secret knowledge” of mankind’s origins.

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