The Obama Regime Plus the Clinton Crime Machine Equals WROL

The Obama Regime Plus the Clinton Crime Machine Equals WROL by Rory – The Daily Coin

WROL = without rule of law. There is no other way to describe the Obama regime along side the Clintons.

We have more and more people speaking out against the blatant criminality that is pervasive in Washington DC and, more specifically to the criminality of the Clinton Crime Machine and the Obama regime.

We believe if we have a return to the rule of law the Obama regime will be shown as the most corrupt regime in American history. Loretta Lynch, Attorney General; Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State; James Comey, Director of the FBI all are currently part of the conversation surrounding the absolute lawlessness that engulfs Washington DC. This is to say nothing of the “support” staff for each of these people, the department they oversaw nor the policies that were either ignored or, worse, actually implemented to cover-up the crimes being committed.

Newt Gingrich, among others, discuss how Mueller and Comey have the potential to shake the trust of the American people. Well I have news for those that can’t see the obvious – trust has long been shaken and now people are beginning to awaken and it seems the more people awaken the louder the supporters of lawlessness and the Clinton Crime Machine become. Good versus evil is what is we have said for some time and now the line is being drawn for anyone that cares to look can clearly see.

When I originally watched this live a couple of days ago it didn’t really sink in just how strong a statement that Mr. Gingrich is making. Be sure and pay attention to each word as the picture that he paints is very clear and undeniable. It is way past time for people to either be incarcerated or worse. It is past time for a return of the rule of law.

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