We Are Long Silver and Long Gold

We Are Long Silver and Long Gold by Rory – The Daily Coin

We are long physical silver and long physical gold – we are not “short” anything except cryptocurrencies. Why are we “short” cryptocurrencies? We don’t own any. Oh, that’s right, no one “owns” any, as they are nothing more than an illusion on a computer screen.

We will never again be “short” any metal. We don’t gamble when it comes to precious metals – we take possession and move on. Nothing to do with the COMEX or LBMA or any trading desk. Keep it simple – local coin dealer or online acquisitions. If someone wants to gamble please gamble – we refuse to participate. Give me my coins, bars and medallions and leave me be.

The precious metals gamblers don’t see stacking in the same light. No, they prefer playing in a rigged casino with banksters that have already been found guilty, well not guilty, but rather “fined” for manipulating the precious metals markets. Now one of the banking cabal is explaining how one can gamble in their casino. We find this rather humorous as it is akin to a carnival barker attempting to lure you to his rigged game on the midway at the county fair with promises of an easy win and “everybody’s a winner”. Everybody – except you.

Go Long Silver, Go Short Gold – BNP Paribas

While silver continues to underperform within the precious metals space, analysts say that it remains the metal to watch as it has the most to gain.

BNP Paribas, in a note to clients Thursday, recommended buying silver over gold.

“According to the factor model, silver is cheap now, while gold is pretty much in line with fair price,” the analysts said.

In its strategy recommendation, the bank recommends going long 157 contracts of Silver, SIH8, at $16.05 an ounce and go short 100 contracts of Gold, GCG8, at $1255.00 an ounce.

The bank said that its target for the trade is for a 10% gain.

Kitco.com’s gold-silver ratio continues to hover around its highest level in more than a year last trading at 79 points. March silver futures last traded at $15.88 an ounce, relatively flat on the day. At the same time gold prices last traded at $1,255.40 an ounce, up 0.54% on the day.

BNP is just one of a few banks that has recommended going long silver as it underperformed gold, despite growing industrial demand and shrinking supplies.

In a recent interview with Kitco News, Maxwell Gold, director of investment strategy at ETF Securities, said that he sees more potential for silver in the new year compared to gold.

“Many of silver’s key drivers remain bullish for the white metal, including rising global manufacturing and industrial production, rising producer inflation and elevated consumer inflation, and strong investor sentiment,” he said.

Last month both TD Securities and Bank of Montreal came out and said that they see silver prices pushing to $20 an ounce next year.

We like all the reasons for “shorting silver” and believe they are probably accurate. We agree that silver will be much higher this time next year than it is today. We have been on record for several months now and will continue to say silver is going to spike sometime between now and 2022 and when it does we are going to make our move into gold. We believe the GSR will collapse for a short period while silver is making one of it’s bigger moves and we plan on converting most, if not all, of our silver into gold at that time. Silver will probably not spike again during our lifetime and this is the reason for making the conversion. For the next year we will continue acquiring as much silver as our budget will allow. We will never stop acquiring physical silver, but will continue what we have been doing for the past year and doing more speculative acquisitions with both silver and gold coins and bars.

We still don’t hear the BRICS, BRI or any other Eastern economic alliance discussing cryptocurrencies. It is a distinct possibility some type of blockchain gold trade is being discussed behind the curtain, but we won’t know anything about that until it is way too late. In the meantime we do hear lots of discussions about gold and gold trade along the BRI trade route and among the BRICS alliance.

None of the economic laws have been forgiven; none of the economic laws have been over-turned and for this reason we will continue to stay strong and keep stacking. Gold is money and everything else is credit. Everything else includes cryptocurrencies.

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