Water Storage & Availability (Level 2 Prepping & Preparedness)

Water Storage & Availability (Level 2 Prepping & Preparedness) by Ken Jorgustin – Modern Survival Blog

Water storage or availability for up to 1 month.

Level 2 preparedness will be a bit more challenging in a few areas. One that could present some difficulty is the water category.


I titled this subheading using the word ‘availability’ rather than ‘water storage’. The reason I did this is because it becomes challenging to store enough water for a longer period of time beyond just several days or a week.

Reference: Prepping & Preparedness Level 1

The disaster or disruptive scenario under which you enter Level 2 will dictate to an extent your water options. A Level 2 disruption may be a ‘Katrina’ type event or similar whereby a large region is affected. On the other hand it could also be a local event whereby just you or your neighborhood is affected. The former scenario presents much greater challenges than the latter!

The way I see it, here are your water options:

– Faucet tap still running, so you’re okay.
– Drive out of the region to get it.
– Store LOTS of it.
– Find a source nearby.
– Rainwater collection.

Not all disaster or disruption scenarios will result in the stoppage of water flowing from your faucet. In fact lots of scenarios will leave water untouched. However it is prudent to plan for water disruption because it is one of the most crucial (and overlooked) aspects of survival and preparedness. 3 days without any liquids and you’ll likely end up horizontal.

Get a good water filter! This will enable you to safely drink from water sources other than your faucet (as long as the source is not chemically contaminated).

As a bare minimum recommendation in Level 1, please buy yourself (or save up for) a good quality water filter. I recommend the Berkey Countertop model. It will last a lifetime.

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