WHERE IS ALL THE MONEY? | Rob Kirby (Video)

WHERE IS ALL THE MONEY? | Rob Kirby Video – Reluctant Preppers

With $21 TRILLION gone missing from DOD and HUD, as recently revealed by researchers, WHERE IS THE MONEY, how is it being used, and how will it impact the official US Government financial measures if accounted for properly? Are Bitcoin and other cryptos making gold & silver obsolete, or is there a centralized hand over-reaching into the crypto markets? What specific facts signal the last gasp for the US Dollar, against an unarguable preponderance of mega-trends?

Rob Kirby, proprietary financial analyst, precious metals expert, and founder of KirbyAnalytics.com, returns to Reluctant Preppers to answer YOUR QUESTIONS in this rapid-fire and wide-ranging interview that tackles the tough issues you won’t hear about on the mainstream media!

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