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Pay attention to WHO the men are in the following video. Not their names but more in terms of what they are wearing. Pay attention to what Trump says specifically. Pay attention to the banter between POTUS and the reporters. Please go watch this video before reading the rest of the post:

It seems as though Q signed off for good last night. All of his messages thus far have ended simply with “Q”. Last night his final message ended with



There’s been a ton of chatter about a coming 11 days of darkness. This could mean impending govt shutdown, govt holiday break, or maybe 11 days of media blackout or 11 days of arrests or who knows what? There’s much speculation about when the eleven days begins. I suspect it might be today.

His sign off message also gave a hat tip to Capt. Mike Green who was the helicopter pilot killed over the former Rothschild estate in England. I’m still unclear on it but it seems he was a “good guy” on a mission to snatch up a Rothschild family member when he was taken out by a “bad guy” and the mission failed. Word is there was some kind of leak or intercept of intel and the “bad guy” took out the “good guy”.

FWIW, and I know this from the time I lived in the UK, just because a house, palace, mansion etc is “owned” by the Heritage Trust does not necessarily mean that the family that bequeathed it no longer lives there. I toured many such places and very frequently saw shiny people moving in and out of passage ways and hidden door ways during tours. I even had one of them point out very specific pieces of art to look for and tell little known history about the place. It’s a tax dodge for the wealthy to bequeath their fancy, historic real estate to the Trust but still live in some smaller portion of it while other areas are opened to paying tourists. So, to say that the estate where the crash occurred was not owned by the Rothschild’s may technically be true,  but reality can be different.

The three families that (currently) control the world are apparently the House of Saud, Rothschild and Soros. Q represents this with a triangle. He has stated one of triangle sides is now gone (Saudis) with two more to go but the order is very important. Much speculation on this too but I suspect Rothschild then Soros.

Q’s board on 4chan then 8chan was named Calm Before The Storm by Q himself as I understand it. I very strongly think that Q is in fact Trump. He does love social media but claims to not be fond of advertising his actions so perhaps not.

There has been much chatter by Q about Rothschild’s lately and apparently Lynn de Rothschild herself was posting on 8chan yesterday and on Twitter earlier EXACTLY referencing specific messages about her by Q but she cloaked it as a reference to Philadelphia Eagles game……..some kind of code many suspect. Q has taunted her by saying “we can hear your breathing” and more. Last night Q referenced her again by saying he heard she wasn’t sleeping well.

Not much chatter about Soros by Q or others, relatively speaking, leads me to believe it’s Rothschild’s then Soros but the reference to “order is very important” might refer to Rothschild’s control of world banking and not wanting to disturb world economy *too deterimentally*.

Q has also said something to the effect that ~99% of people will be in hospital~ if red pilled all at once. This seems to be a reference to the satanists penchant for torturing children horrendously and then killing them to harvest their adrenal and pineal glands at the height of their torture and terror. Estimates are that 100,000 children go missing in the USA alone every year and most are being trafficked for torture and slaughter and ultimately, consumption. That will definitely be a tough pill for a civilization to swallow. I can’t even imagine what that revelation might be like for families of missing children.

With Q’s unique sign off yesterday I think we are about to be delivered from evil. I suspect the Calm Before The Storm is OVER and an ill wind is about to sweep over the lands of the world. I think the Bible references an ultimate battle between good and evil. Trump appears to be the good and the three families that control the world most definitely represent evil.

Let the STORM begin!

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