Legend Says Fade The Pullback As Gold Set To Surge

Legend Says Fade The Pullback As Gold Set To Surge Nearly $1,000 from King World News

As we kickoff trading in the month of December, today a legend in the business sent King World News a powerful piece stating that a fiscal hurricane will send the price of gold soaring nearly $1,000.

Gold: A Lump of Coal?


Gold’s Catalyst
By John Ing, M
aison Placements
December 6 (King World News) – After a decade of monetary laxity, money and even bitcoins, fiat currencies have become a market commodity like tulips during the 1687 Dutch mania. Bitcoin has become an investment mania, made for the times and the craze has dwarfed the tech bubble. Who can trust the value today? Bitcoin or digital currencies are a man-made product created in minutes with a click. Like fiat money, there are no limits to production, no guarantor and consequently, of little lasting value. Ironically, undeterred by warnings that this electronic currency is a bubble waiting to be burst, bitcoin is a currency without a country. When investors can borrow to hedge bitcoins or when Wall Street creates the newest digital cyber-currency derivative, only then will we discover bitcoin’s intrinsic worth.

Debt, Deficits and the Dollar
For almost a decade, central banks monetized their budget deficits to finance the government of which they are a part. Their monetary laxity financed the large part of America’s growing deficits via the expansion of their balance sheets through massive purchases of government securities. Rates remained at rock bottom as quantitative easing distorted market rates of interest. Since 2007, even the Fed’s own balance sheet increased four times to a whopping $4.5 trillion (see chart below).


After three rounds of quantitative easing, America has created the biggest bubbles in history, the largest being the debt bubble. Worrisome is that in becoming the largest debtor nation in modern history, any downturn in corporate profitability could be a disaster since the corporate world also is over- leveraged…

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