Jack Ma is communist-capitalist. Jesus was communist-socialist

Jack Ma is communist-capitalist. Jesus was communist-socialist by Jeff J Brown – China Rising

This week, Chinese multibillionaire Alibaba Group founder, Jack Ma announced that he is establishing a ¥10 billion (US$1.5 billion) Alibaba Poverty Relief Fund, with the money to be donated over the next five years. This is not Bill Gates and Warren Buffett selectively doling out donations to their pet causes, while everybody else gets their hands dirty.  Mr. Ma is assigning Alibaba’s top executives to lead a targeted program that will help rural Chinese stay home, rather than having to abandon their loved ones and migrate to the cities for work. He stated,

I hope farmers won’t have to leave their villages and they can instead become agricultural workers or forestry workers. I think they should return to the land… and develop their business.

Everyone working at Alibaba and its 36 partner companies will be expected to join the cause. All company executives will be tasked with programs for education, women’s poverty relief, creating market channels for rural products from poverty stricken areas, as well as initiatives harmonizing environmental protection and poverty elimination (http://www.scmp.com/news/china/society/article/2122521/alibaba-launches-us15-billion-fund-help-fight-poverty-china).

And here’s the kicker:

All of them will have this poverty work included in their performance evaluations!

Well, slap me up the side of the head, Buford. Can you imagine any Western Fortune 500 company doing the same thing? I agree with you. I can’t either, and this striking contrast is just screaming in our ears.

The buck stops with YOU. If you don’t share this, who will?

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