The Most Important Function of Bitcoin – Insider Trading (Video)

The Most Important Function of Bitcoin – Insider Trading Video – ITM Trading

We are now in the tenth week in the corporate sector buying pattern shift. Consumer Services leads with a whopping Buy/Sell Ratio at $213.36 of selling for every $1 of buying, though Basic Industries and Business services are not far behind with $196.16 and $188.63 respectively.

Intel Corp is the individual stock examined this week. There has be zero insider stock buying over the last three months.

Perception management at work; Bitcoin has become the talk of the town and people are blinded by numbers. This gathers attention and acceptance, just what the bankers want.

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But keep in mind that central bankers have experience with money standard shifts. They know things must appear “normal” to get our voluntary buy-in. They also want distance between their policy and public perception. In my opinion, this is the most important function of bitcoin.

By Lynette Zang

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