EMP Attack – What The Average Citizen Can Do For Themselves

EMP Attack – What The Average Citizen Can Do For Themselves by Ken Jorgustin – Modern Survival Blog

Rather than rehashing the technicalities of the EMP weapon itself and how it works (electromagnetic pulse), instead let’s talk about what the average citizen can do for themselves to prepare for an EMP.

Some tech talk:
Nuclear EMP Components E1, E2, E3, and what they mean…



Question: Is it even practical or worthwhile to prepare for an EMP? Given that so many reports suggest that it will end the world as we know it and countless millions will lose their lives, do we even stand a chance at survival?

Answer: Yes. We all have the opportunity to prepare for and survive an EMP attack.

Question: Do we know what the effects of an EMP will be and how badly it will destroy electronic infrastructure and our way of life?

Answer: Not exactly. The effects of an EMP are scientifically known. However we have not yet experienced an EMP attack. The resulting damage of an EMP is largely theoretical and hypothetical. Although I do trust the science thereof. There are lots of variables that will affect what actually may happen in your own region. This makes it difficult to accurately predict the outcome and how exactly it may affect you and where you live.

Question: Will someone actually ever use an EMP? The results are forecast to be so devastating it seems that no one would ever dare to do it given “mutually assured destruction” from an opposing nation…

Answer: Don’t assume that all people are reasonable or sane. History is filled with sociopath crazed rulers who have killed countless millions of human beings. History may not exactly repeat, but it rhymes.



Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. I suggest that you don’t assume that the damage from EMP will be partial. It is possible that an attack might not destroy everything (depends on size, location, other factors). Better to make contingency plans based on more of a worst case scenario (because it could be).

Categorize what might be affected. Basically, think of all things rooted in electronics. Unfortunately that’s almost everything to do with our modern day lives. I wrote this awhile ago which touches upon the subject: 5 Nanoseconds To Lights Out.

A nuclear EMP weapon detonated high in the atmosphere will send out an extremely high voltage pulse (50KV, maybe higher) for several nanoseconds. Enough to theoretically ‘fry’ all electronic devices within range. This will also likely result in a system wide power outage, or a large region (regions) of electrical outage (again depending on many variables). This itself will stop the engine of our modern day lifeblood. Some of the resulting major affected elements may include:

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