How Russia Is Preparing for War

How Russia Is Preparing for War by Political Junkie – Russia-Insider

“While Russia spends roughly one-ninth of what the United States spends on its military, it has the capability to produce materiel that should cause the United States to think twice before escalating to outright hostilities.”

At the recent Sochi meeting between Vladimir Putin and his senior Defense Ministry officials, officials from Russia’s defense industry as well as the heads of various ministries and regions, Mr. Putin made a series of very interesting comments about Russia’s readiness for war following the Zapad-2017 military exercise that received relatively little coverage in the mainstream Western media.

While this lack of coverage is not terribly surprising given the anti-all things Russian sentiment that has taken root in the Western media since 2014, it is rather negligent, given the importance of the comments and the fact that the world seems to be heading into the Cold War Part 2.

As background, between September 14 and 20, 2017, Russia conducted one of its largest military exercises since the end of the Cold War.  Zapad-2017 tested Russia’s plans for a full-scale conflict with NATO with the drills taking place along the border between Belarus/Russia/Kaliningrad and the Baltic nations of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.  Here is a map from the European Council on Foreign Relations showing the locations of the exercises:

Prior to the exercises, some Western analysts postulated that Zapad-2017 was a springboard for Russia to invade and occupy Lithuania, Poland and or Ukraine.
According to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Zapad-2017 involved the following:

Here is a video showing Vladimir Putin arriving at and observing the Zapad-2017 war games:

With that background, let’s start with Mr. Putin’s comment as released by the Kremlin regarding the state of Russia’s military defences made on November 20, 2017, at the opening of the tenth cycle of meetings on military matters with senior officials of Russia’s Defense Ministry and the nation’s defense industry held in Sochi:”The development of a new State Armament Programme is nearing completion. Its implementation will largely determine the combat capability of the service arms and branches for the coming decade and in the long run. We need to carefully check all our plans.

“Our Army and Navy must possess the most advanced weapons, military and special equipment, which take into account, among other things, potential changes in the strategy and tactics of warfare in the future and are on a par or, better yet, superior to their foreign counterparts. If we want to be in front and win, we must be better.

“The key indicators of the programme should, above all, ensure guaranteed strategic deterrence and, in the event of a potential external threat, its effective neutralisation.

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