Jim Comey – “The Dirtiest Cop in America” (Video)

Jim Comey – “The Dirtiest Cop in America” Video – Bill Still

Tucker Carlson lashed the reputation of the FBI and Joe DiGenova, former US Attorney for the District of Columbia, said that it started with James Comey, who DiGenova blasted as “the dirtiest cop in America”. It remains to be seen if ultimately Mr. Comey is not the dirtiest cop in our history.

Mark my words, this coup attempt by deep state bureaucrats is just now beginning to crumble. This will eventually bring to an end the most lawless period in American history.

Only someone with the unique personality of President Trump could have possibly broken this police state death grip on the Americas system of maximum personal freedom.

As the deep state dominoes begin to fall over the coming year, all will be revealed and we can’t wait to see it unfold.

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Oops, there’s Deep State sycophant Paul Lewis from the most leftist paper in the western world, the Guardian – calling again to verify some details from my past to include I his coming hit piece in which I’m apparently mentioned.

Paul, I’m still wondering why exactly you are so interested in my exact location?

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