The Impending Fall of American Civilization

The Impending Fall of American Civilization by Brian Maher – Daily Reckoning

Dear Reader,

Two months ago, a divided Congress was under bonds to pass a 2018 budget before the Oct. 1 deadline.

Without a budget, the government would have to shutter its doors — partially, at least.

It was a near thing.

But the civically minded ladies and gentlemen of Congress stowed their differences… recalled themselves to their duty…

And failed to pass a budget.

These stalwarts chose to boot the soda can down the street.

They passed a “continuing resolution” instead.

This device keeps the government in funds until Dec. 8 — this Friday.

If Congress doesn’t pass a 2018 budget by midnight Friday… the lights go out… and the government partially shuts down.

All species of calamity would ensue…

The fee collector at the National Park of American Samoa will be thrown into idleness… the Federal Theatre Project will be thrown into darkness… the starry-eyed seventh-grader from Topeka will be thrown out of the Smithsonian.

Meantime, staffers at the Office of Thrift Supervision will have their own thrift to supervise for a change (until they receive their inevitable back pay for time missed).

The last government shutdown, in 2013, lasted 17 apocalyptic days before order was restored.

How we endured those dark times… we cannot recall.

Be not ye worried, however…

Federal workers deemed essential to the safety of the Republic will remain on in case of a shutdown — the customs official at Ketchikan, Alaska, for example.

The TSA will guard the aerial ways against infants, great-grandmothers and other such hellcats.

In event of national invasion… we’ve been assured the Marines will act.

Social Security checks will be mailed.

But the question lingers:

Can Congress skirt a grievous shutdown this Friday?

Many Republicans want more guns.

To purchase them, they would take the budgetary scalpel to programs for science, the environment, education… the arts.

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