Silver Ready To Take Off?

Silver Ready To Take Off? by Rory – The Daily Coin

A lot of people in the gold and silver space have little respect for Jeffrey Christian, I have zero respect for him as a person. I believe he should be investigated for his role in the manipulation of the gold and silver markets through the company he works for, CPM Group. Having said that who better to know what is going to happen with both gold and silver than one of the main players in the COMEX “market”? If the person overseeing the button pushing and lever pulling doesn’t know which direction gold and silver are going to move no one does. Love him, hate him, it doesn’t matter to me. Ignore him at your risk.

What I would like to see is a tribunal for crimes against humanity with Jeffrey Christian sitting front and center. My guess is there would be a guilty verdict and we may actually be able to move back to a “free and open market” that is based on fundamentals and actual market demands. Until that day arrives it is what it is.

I have based my prediction on gold and silver moving to much higher ground over the course of 2018 and 2019 because the person that oversees the lever pulling and button pushing that manipulates the “market” says they are going higher. Who am I to argue with the person in this type of position? It is no different than questioning Craig Hemke’s method of tracking the gold market manipulation and how it works – Craig’s method has proven to be extremely accurate and profitable for those that trade the gold market. Why not take advantage of these proven methods to better protect your family, your wealth and yourself?

Here is the latest from one of the main people in the CPM Group, that owns the COMEX, telling you that silver is going higher from here. Who’s listening and, more importantly, who’s stacking? Personally, I just received the last ATB for 2017, George Rogers Clark 5oz coin just today and this is on top of an additional 19.5 ounces of various other coins and bars that arrived over the weekend. Look for a written article in the early part of next week covering some of these latest silver collectibles.

Jeffrey Christian in 2016 stated that he believed silver is going to $28 by 2021-2023.  If we split the difference and say 2022 that’s 4 years from now with a gain of $11.00 per ounce from where silver is today. That means silver must rise an average of almost $3.00 per ounce for each of the next 4 years. Today, in November 2017, Christian has changed his projection to $38 per ounce in the same time frame. That means silver must rise more than $5.00 per ounce for each of the next 4 years or said another way approximately 0.41$ per month for every month of every year until 2022. Also, silver, unlike some other “currencies”, is 100% off grid, decentralized and untraceable.

These are all averages which means once we get into 2021-2023 timeframe we could see some serious spikes higher and lower throughout the year.

What’s in your off grid, decentralized and untraceable vault?

Silver Is About To Really Take-Off, Levels Last Seen in 2011

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