Hacking At The Root of TriEvil

Hacking At The Root of TriEvil by Rory – The Daily Coin

A few weeks ago I spoke with Producer CJ, Rogue Money, about an idea that has plagued me for a number of years. Today, not only did CJ and myself sit down to discuss the beginning stage of this idea we were joined by the SilverBack himself, V, Guerrilla Economist.

I don’t want to give out too much on the front end as it is important that we all move as one – come together as a community – around a common rallying point. The goal is to reach between 3-5 million people with one email. The one email would detail the whole of Hacking at the Root of TriEvil. Sounds like a formidable task, but I believe we can reach that many very easily, if not double that many.

Over the past several years I have had this idea rolling in my head and it seems I was waiting for new technologies to begin blooming that can actually support my thoughts. I am now presenting this idea to the world and will be sending it to a long list of website owners to see if we can’t get some cohesion and create an actual community.

We have the tools, we have the technology, we have the people. We have it all. – V, Guerrilla Economist

Our enemies, the bankster elite, that commit crimes against humanity everyday they are in operation, the corporations, that own all the important businesses and land along with their government enablers (TriEvil) have enjoyed a great run. The past 200+ years these three very small groups of people have amassed unfathomable wealth – generational wealth they will never, ever be able to be rid of; unless the rules change. If the rules change, then the wealth these criminals have stolen could potentially go to zero. Unless these small gangs have placed a majority of their wealth in physical gold, physical silver or cryptocurrencies, it is a distinct possibility their current generational wealth could become a weeks worth of cash in their wallet.

Solutions are how we get out of any situation that no longer works for ourselves, our communities or our nation. As long as we are gripped by fear and continue to support the system because we are unsure of what will happen on the other side we will remain a slave to our fear.

We are faced with a very unique opportunity in history. We now have technology and tools that will allow everyday average citizens to become the king of their own personal kingdom. We have the ways and means of developing our own personal kingdom and build it to our individual specifications and desires. We have the ways and means of taking our lives back from TriEvil. What is required is very simple – your participation in hacking at the root.

We did not get ourselves into this situation over night and we will not get out of it overnight. We can make it happen in a compressed timeline, if we work together and ensure our message is of a singular nature and crystal clear.

One of the most important components of any kingdom is the people. If the people are successful, happy and creating the family of their choice most any kingdom will grow and grow. Look around from your current seat and tell me what you see. Is it filled with happy, successful people that are creating the world of their choosing? Why do we continue to hand over our wealth, liberty and lives to the 1% and their masters the 0.01%? We no longer need to do this.

If we can rally the top 500 websites identified by Prop or Not and we can have all of their audience move at the same time, on the same day and in the same direction we can begin to regain our freedom. We can begin to regain our sovereignty.

Today is merely the announcement that we have an idea. Over the next few weeks we will begin gathering the appropriate information, names and contacts to make it all happen. Are you in?

The time is now, you are the reason and you are the only way to make this happen. Participation is the key.

If we take the three ideas – Chris Duane – “walk away from the system” combine it with a singularly focused manifestation of Occupy Wall Street and sprinkle in a decentralized, off grid approach to taking back our sovereignty, we will become unstoppable. Ideas can not be killed, ideas can not be captured. Hacking at the Root of TriEvil.

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