Peter Grandich & Chris Waltzek Ph.D. (Podcast)

Peter Grandich & Chris Waltzek Ph.D. Podcast – Radio GoldSeek


  • Happy Thanksgiving holiday to USA listeners!
  • Peter Grandich of Peter Grandich and Company outlines a compelling case for a bubble in US shares.
  • Unlike past market peaks, few investors may have time to recognize /react to the hypothetical collapse.
  • The once in a generation top could restore the reputation of PMs as the de facto must-own asset class.
  • After gold eclipses the $1,375 threshold, a new bull market could propel the yellow metal to a new record.
  • The host shares the opinion of Silver Whistleblower, Andrew Maguire.
  • The Bitcoin / crypto domain appears to be paving the highway and constructing the infrastructure for PMs.
  • Gold and silver can thank crypto investors / developers / miners in part, for Bitcoin-like price altitudes.
  • Cryptos are disruptive to fiat money, the actual bubble, such as related shares, bonds and housing.
  • As fiat money loses its pervasive hegemony over global society, PMs will emerge as de facto money.
  • The PMs blockchain will enhance transparency, completing the impressive work of Bitcoin aficionados.

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