Is the Uranium Bear Market Finally Over? (Video)

Is the Uranium Bear Market Finally Over? Video – Wall St for Main St

Is the Uranium bear market finally over? What do you think? Is the bear market over, is it about to end or will it not end anytime soon as demand for nuclear power continues to decline?

A quick look at the Uranium Participation Corporation (TSX:U) 10 year chart shows a long bear market.

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St does a short video about the uranium market after large uranium miner and nuclear power company, Cameco (NYSE:CCJ) announced recently that it will shut down the world’s largest uranium mine, McArthur River, which accounted for 11% of annual uranium production in 2016 for the next 10 months hoping to firm up prices and raise spot uranium prices.…

Cameco’s CEO was also recently on BNN in Canada to talk about the uranium market and the specific challenges that the company is facing as it has shut down 40-45% of its total annual uranium production, drastically cut its dividend, etc…

Fellow large uranium miners Areva… and KazAtomProm… are also shutting down large amounts of their mining production with production cuts announced recently as well.

The Energy Report covers some of the top Uranium juniors in the world for free. Check out their coverage here:…

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