The Abandonment of Honesty: How They’re Hiding the Truth from Us | John Rubino (Video)

John Rubino

The Abandonment of Honesty: How They’re Hiding the Truth from Us | John Rubino Video – Reluctant Preppers

From deception on the micro-scale of consumer goods packaging and ingredients labeling, to the mega-scale of falsified government employment and inflation statistics, is the propaganda we are being fed intentionally designed to CONCEAL THE TRUTH so as to prevent alerting the masses to the caving economy and rampant loss of: employment, earning power, and buying power? Are we being LIED TO about the ongoing THEFT of our current and future financial freedom?

John Rubino, founder of, returns to ReluctantPreppers to warn how governments are moving beyond propaganda, to now intervening in the markets, to DIRECTLY CREATE FALSE “REALITIES” aimed at directing the masses to participate in risk-based bubbles, leading to the greater risk of government takeover of every aspect of our lives.

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Outsider non-conformists like Trump around the world are surfing a wave to power throughout the world, leading to aggressive “fixes” and unconstitutional excesses, putting our civil rights and liberty at risk, and leading to martial law.
The accelerating rate of inflation “Inflate or Die”: Stimulus is losing its effectiveness.
Back-breaking debt at all scales is no longer able to cause growth.
Exhaustion stage? At the breaking point & ready for a recession…
Recession recovery: Zero interest rates then have to go to NEGATIVE RATES.


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