Banks Control Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. We Are Being Played

Banks Control Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. We Are Being Played By Justin Danneman – Squawker

TDC Note – With bitcoin being developed and introduced to the world by a ghost it would make sense the people messing around with this latest illusion of currency and wealth would be the latest suckers. I just hope the people that have 0.00000020 of a bitcoin get out and report their “profits” to avoid any problems with the police state.


Before I delve into the connections I have uncovered, I would first like to say that for me each day is an adventure in understanding the blockchain – constantly uncovering new perspectives, finally wrapping my head around a technological term, or completely changing ideas and beliefs upon discovering new information.

Me Waking Up and Checking the News: Damage Report?I have come to see Bitcoin not as a currency, but as a form of value and rebellion against the central bankers and their overgrowing lust for power over our lives. Though fiat, just like every other currency, I saw a core energy of entrepreneurs, innovators, and everyday people sick of the same day, every day 9 – 5 monotony that separated Bitcoin from all of the other fear based fiat currencies.

Though I believe the concept of Bitcoin is unstoppable, I no longer believe Bitcoin itself will be the chisel that shatters the wall of centralization.

Banks have taken control of Bitcoin and all subsequent forks. 

Central Banks Own the WorldThe drama we are now witnessing between Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash is a game where institutional investors are playing both sides, squeezing the average joe for everything they’ve got.

These past few days following the news that Bitcoin would no longer upgrade to 2MB blocks, we have seen the price of Bitcoin drop to almost $5,600, then suddenly surge back up to almost $6,800.

Bitcoin Cash went from just above $600 to nearly $2,500, then drop to nearly $1,100 in under 24 hours.

Miners profit regardless and merely switch over to the more profitable chain without skipping a beat – taking everyone else to the cleaners, which then feeds up the banking pipeline.

Bankers Control Bitcoin

Lightening network and SegWit derive from Blockstream, as well as many of the Bitcoin core developers, including Adam Back (President, Blockstream), Gregory Maxwell (CTO, Blockstream), Mark Friedenbach (Co-founder, Blockstream), Pieter Wuille (Bitcoin Core developer), Samson Mow (CSO), and Christopher Allen (co-author of IETF Transport Layer Security).

AXA Strategic Ventures is one of the core investors in Blockstream, having funded $55 million. They are the investment arm of French insurance giant AXA Group, who are well known for refusing to honor billions of dollars in insurance claims to Holocaust survivors for several decades.

AXA Group CEO Henri De Castries also happens to be the chairman of the Bilderberg Group since 2012. (source)

The Bilderberg Group represents the banking and government power elites who would have the greatest means (and the greatest motivation) to try and destroy or control Bitcoin.

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