It’s Time to Reclaim the Dream of Our Ancestors

It’s Time to Reclaim the Dream of Our Ancestors by JC Collins – Philosophy of Metrics

My Favorite Movies and Music Will Never Be the Same

We went to sleep for generations.

Those who have been following the increasingly fast disintegration of our make believe culture are all likely sharing similar feelings of sadness, revulsion, and hollowed anger.  Each day brings new revelations about those famous people who we loved to watch on the silver screen, and on our televisions at home.  Each day we sigh with melancholy remembering the times when we listened to our favorite musicians without having to reconcile their anti-conservative political rants with our own hopes and dreams for a better world.

The announcement today about Sylvester Stallone was received like a punch in the face from Rocky Balboa.  Stallone, a Hollywood hallmark for generations of adoring fans, has been accused of sexually assaulting a 16 year old fan in a hotel room in Las Vegas back in 1986.  Making matters worse, the accusation states that he forced her into a threesome with his bodyguard, and threatened to “beat her head in” if she told anyone.

This comes after a near flood of accusations against everyone from Harvey Weinstein, Charlie Sheen, Kevin Spacey, Dustin Hoffman, other producers, news anchors, politicians like Al Franken, comedian Louis CK, and directors like Brett Ratner.  These are just the highlights, and the list is growing by the day.  The flood gates are truly opening.

How do we go back and watch our favorite movies which these people produced, directed, and starred in?  How do we ignore the emotional and spiritual pain which was hidden and covered under the shiny coat of marketing packages and dim theater lighting?  How can the once lighthearted and meaningful messages of false moral fortitude be ever viewed as anything other than the rhetorical vile and destructive externalization of human weakness?

Most of us knew on some level that Hollywood, Washington, and all of those in positions of power and influence throughout banking, industry, and academia, had the potential to abuse that power and influence to satisfy their own cravings and ignorant self-obsessions.  But watching the endless macabre parade of degenerate revelations creates a whole different inner dynamic.

Since the election of Donald Trump it’s almost as if the liberal-left establishment has been eating itself from the inside out.  The momentum of leftist culture and politics has been unstoppable for the last century.  Over the last hundred years all of western civilization has been enthralled in the awesomeness of the larger-than-life actors and burgers which have been used to construct the framework of a pop culture social reality.  Movies told us what to think and how to feel.  Music re-enforced the movies with more intimate and daily rituals which infected our brains and spirits with the corruption of others.  Television programming was the ribbon which wrapped the whole package and provided the evening solace away from the hype and hardship of the day.

We went to sleep for generations.

But now we are awakening from the engineered slumber and the papier-mâché statues of self-proclaimed greatness are eroding to expose the bent and twisted chicken wire underneath.

Now I find myself skipping past songs by those who have attacked the values which I hold, or ignoring the movies of those who have committed acts of sexual assault against the innocent ones who dreamed of the bright lights of a life which would never be realized. The media establishment which has been protecting and promoting this degenerate behavior needs to be shattered with the hammer of true moral fortitude.

Career politicians, like the Clinton’s and pedophile Creepy Joe Biden, who prey on the weak and innocent, while promoting the disastrous ideologies of communism and socialism, need to be removed from the halls of power and replaced with those who do not seek power as a goal in and of itself.  Those who are blessed with the privilege of holding positions of admiration and influence over the mass populations need to use that energy to empower others as opposed to empowering themselves.  That is leadership.

Are we suppose to feel sorry for those like Stallone who presumably preyed upon the weak and innocent amongst us?  Was this an isolated incident?  Did it in fact happen? Did he somehow redeem himself away from the limelight?  Nothing would suggest that is the case, though Stallone has denied that it happened and nothing has yet been proven.  Considering the wave of accusations, and those admitting to the wrongdoing up front, we are left to consider the unfolding pattern and the disease which has been eating away inside these people their whole lives.  We all make mistakes.  We all have cursed or hurt others at times.  But betraying the trust placed in power and abusing the innocent for our own selfish purposes stands against everything which is meant to feed our material and spiritual development.

What do we do when the whole of our civilization and social construct is built upon the graveyard of human virtue?

History has shown us that all corrupt civilizations eventually erode and collapse from the inside out.  This one will be no different.  We are not animals.  We are material and spiritual beings who have been emotionally enslaved within the machinations of human weakness and ignorance.  The crown of the beast is upon our heads.

We need to stop acting like animals.  This is not who we are.  Remember, and come forth to reclaim the dream of our ancestors.  – JC

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