Rumor: Hundreds of Sealed Indictments Suggest Mass Arrests May Occur

Rumor: Hundreds of Sealed Indictments Suggest Mass Arrests May Occur by  – Deus Nexus

TDC Note – I was listening to a show earlier this morning and heard about “842 sealed indictments”. After a quick search this is what I found.


The internet is buzzing over the recent Saudi purge, hundreds of sealed indictments in 24 US districts, as well as the curious/cryptic intel drop on 4CHAN. What does any of this mean?  Does it  relate to Trump’s cryptic message: “Maybe it’s the calm before the Storm.”  We may have to wait to find out.

Trump Calls Photo Op `Calm Before The Storm’

Mass Arrests Update – 842 sealed indictments in 24 districts from 10/30 through 11/10, Clinton & McCain House Arrest?

Source: AscensionWithMotherEarth

Is the Tangled DC Web Being Used To Entrap the Spiders?
Saudi Coup or Counter-Coup in Progress?

31 Sealed Indictments, Take down of Clinton & Podesta

Source: April LaJune
Sealed Indictments are piling up. Do these link directly to the Clintons? The Deep State? How is Tony Podesta and the Saudi Arabians linked to all of this?

More information coming – #TheStorm
PizzaGate Article:…

Massive Intel Drops on 4Chan by Individual(s) with Highest Level ‘Q’ Clearance

Source: True Earth

Now I am not going to say whether or not any of this is true but I do want to pass it along just for everyone’s information and discernment. An emphasis on discernment

These last few days someone(s) have been posting on 4Chan, a forum website kinda/sorta like Reddit or Voat. Many amazing pieces of intel have previously been dropped on there by people ‘in-the-know’ (i.e. PizzaGate, etc.) and this last dump has really made some waves in the truth community. Some of the things listed here don’t make much sense to me so I would ask that everyone refrain from asking me what everything means.

Just a note, it is very difficult to navigate through 4Chan and I hope I simplified all of this information in a way that is easily accessible and understandable. It is really the perfect place to drop intel as I imagine most people couldn’t really locate it unless you have experience with it.

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