DHS to Launch a (Simulated?) Chemical/Biological Attack Against Newkirk, OK

DHS to Launch a (Simulated?) Chemical/Biological Attack Against Newkirk, OK by Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

The following story was reported on the Oklahoma City local news at 6:00 pm on November 10, 2017 (from their CBS affiliated station, channel 9). The news link contains a story, video, and 58 page document about the chemical testing that will be taking place near Newkirk, OK. The local residents had no idea this was even planned. The local small town paper in Newkirk broke this story.

DHS Relevant Background

DHS arose from the ashes of the 9/11 attacks. Since 9/11 DHS has served as the symbol of American tyranny. The promptly set up TSA which flagrantly violates the 4th Amendment of search and seizure by presuming that everyone that travels to an airport is a terrorist which must have second degree sexual assault performed against their bodies. If you and I did what TSA does, we would be serving five years in prison. For all the money that TSA spends and for all the pseudo security people that they employ, an independent test reveals that they only stopped 5% of attempted smuggling of weapons and bombs on to airplanes. It is a case of Laurel and Hardy comes to law enforcement.

Who could ever the infamous MIAC report, generated by DHS interests in which they conveniently shifted the nation’s attention away from radical Islamic terrorists to “domestic terrorists” (eg that would be you and me). The MIAC report identified a domestic terrorist as someone who presented (in 2008) the following characteristics that should be considered to be a threat to the government:

  1. Ron Paul supporters
  2. Supporters of the Constitution
  3. Christians
  4. Second Amendment supporters
  5. Members of the Libertarian and Constitutional Parties

Of course, who would ever forget when DHS turned themselves into their own private army as they acquired more than 2 billion rounds of ammunition, more bullets than used in Iraq and Afghanistan combined. Who is DHS preparing to fight? Are they going to be invading a foreign country soon? Or, are they merely going to be playing the role of the good ole’ neighborhood Nazis? Oh, I almost forgot to mention that Markus Wolf was paid $5 million dollars to set up DHS. And who is Markus Wolf. He was the former head of the East German Stasi.

It is in this spirit, that The Common Sense Show is issuing the following warning to Newkirk, Oklahoma, as we echo the report of Channel 9 News when we say that DHS plans to launch a chemical and biological attack upon your area. This has the potential to be a snap drill that goes live like we have seen on 9/11, the London Subway bombings, the Boston Marathon, et al.

Finally, DHS is without a doubt a Deep State controlled organization and has served as a major roadblock to the Trump administration. Clearly, DHS never has and never will serve the interests of the American people.

Do you remember this DHS target practice sheet from 2008?.
Any questions?

DHS’ Latest Folly

Our illustrious DHS is presently preparing to simulate a chemical and biological attack. According to a 58-page document, chemicals will be released at Chilocco Indian School in Newkirk, Oklahoma. DHS has never bothered to consult with local authorities. It was only through the diligence of the local newspaper, that the threat was discovered and subsequently exposed.

It would be putting it mildly to say that many of the locals are angry and frightened about the way that this nefarious activity was discovered. Neighbors say the local paper, The Newkirk Herald, received information from Homeland Security for the legal section of the paper. I have been privately informed that the information was only shared with the paper after other inquiries surfaced and DHS moved to cover their legal backside.

The Next False Flag?

In the previously referenced document, in January/Feburary of 2018 and again in June/July of 2018 the Newkirk community will see DHS released particles permeate buildings of the Chilocco campus. DHS says that this is necessary to determine how well biological agents will penetrate into single and multi-family homes. The department claims these chemicals are nontoxic and nonhazardous.

If this is a benign operation then why will DHS personnel be wearing suits, masks, gloves and respirators when in the zone of dispersion?

Local Outrage

The local TV station interviewed Brittny Smith, and she, like many locals are skeptical of DHS motives.

She said, “I would like them to do the testing somewhere else and I think that I speak for a lot of the citizens when I say that.”

She believes the Department of Homeland Security is not being transparent. She wishes all the residents were notified rather than finding out from the local paper.In the TV interview, Newkirk esident Brian Hobbs questioned how safe these chemicals really are.

“Are we 100 percent sure this is safe? Sometimes they have unintended consequences, like Agent Orange, you know.”


The local population fears that the chemicals released will have long-term consequences for wildlife, farm-life and the health of the people in Newkirk. Residents are extremely upset and are venting their anger towards DHS demanding transparency and answers from DHS. And this writer can tell these people from experience.

If this was to be another snap-drill, false flag event, it is my hope that we have brought enough exposure to the situation to head this off.

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