Budget Coin Collecting: Finding Great Value at Major Sales

Budget Coin Collecting: Finding Great Value at Major Sales By Jim Bisognani – CoinWeek

TDC Note – Long time readers of The Daily Coin are familiar with my pawn shop, flea market and junk store adventures. I have said time and again these are great resources that most stackers overlook. I have picked up a number of gold coins from pawn shops at spot or better. I have also picked up very rare coins and bars at flea markets and junk stores. I have two Enghardt “waffle” bars – one of which has a known mintage of less than 50,000 – both picked up at a flea market.


Jim Bisognani Finding Great Value at Major Sales

Pedigreed rarities for a pittance: Newman IX claims $4.5 million

A bit of déjà vu for MLB: For the second year in a row, another seven-game World Series, with the visiting team taking home the trophy in November. In the sporting world, timetables for the playoffs seem to be forever extending.

When I was a kid, my first real recollection of a World Series was with my Red Sox and St. Louis Cardinals battling in the 1967 fall classic. That series went seven games as well, with the visiting team (the Cardinals) taking the trophy. Except this Game seven was played October 12 and the starting time for this deciding game was 1 p.m., as it was for all of the others in the series. Baseball played in daylight — as it was intended!

Now, to maximize revenue and audience share, all games are played in prime time under the lights… which is fine. However, I remember fondly asking my third-grade teacher, Ms. Nutting, if I could bring my transistor radio to class and listen to the games. Ah, such quaint memories.

It was also in the fall of 1967 that I would really start my lifelong fascination with coins. Fifty years ago, and there have been so many changes in the way the hobby and business has evolved. Standardized third-party grading, sight-unseen trades consummated electronically, population reports and auction data going back decades retrieved at the click of a mouse. Online-only sales and major marquee auctions broadcast live on the internet!

You see something you like, do a quick bit of research and due diligence online, and then execute your live bid! What alternate universe is this? Truly amazing!

While modern issues are always welcome, so many domestic and foreign commemorative issues are making it difficult for veterans and newcomers to decide which is the best way to build or add to a collection on a budget. While many modern installments are very attractive and innovative, few are truly what I would call investment material. Yet I will give credit as to the production quality from the US and other world mints for all of this still-inspiring, noncirculating legal tender.

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