Huge fire at US nuclear plant — “Flames shooting into air… Massive plume of smoke”

Huge fire at US nuclear plant — “Flames shooting into air… Massive plume of smoke” — “Neighbors on high alert… Scary… Very concerning… Don’t panic” — “It just stops you in your tracks when you see it” from ENE News

WSOC, Nov 8, 2017 (emphasis added): #BREAKING: Huge transformer fire at McGuire Nuclear Station… sports anchor @philorbanWSOC9 took video of the huge plume of black smoke

WSOC, Nov 8, 2017: #BREAKING @wsoctv a massive plume of smoke from fire at the McGuire Nuclear Station…

WSOC, Nov 8, 2017: MUST WATCH: McGuire Nuclear Station fire

WSOC transcript, Nov 8, 2017: Check out this video if you haven’t seen it yet – this towering black smoke and the flames shooting in the air, this from the nuclear power station in Huntersville… Eyewitness: “It was a little scary to see that much smoke and flamescoming from one little area.”… They still don’t know what started it… You couldn’t miss the cloud of charcoal black smoke spiraling into the air… Fire crews raced to the switchyard… Nuclear power plant spokesperson: “We don’t know exactly what caused the fire…. there was some type of equipment failure”… We’re told it took about 4 hours to put that fire out… This fire happened right across the street from the main facility… it’s very concerning

WSOC transcript, Nov 8, 2017: Neighbors on high alert after fire at McGuire Nuclear Station — Many neighbors who live near the nuclear station were just starting their day when this thick black smoke filled the air near that plant… Many of them say they weren’t worried about living so close to this facility – that is, until now… This was a real wake up call for many people who live close to that McGuire nuclear plant… They weren’t ready for what they saw today… Look at this video — it just stops you in your tracks when you see it

WCNC, Nov 8, 2017: Don’t worry about the heavy black smoke rising from nuclear power plant, authorities say — Authorities warned the public not to panic over heavy columns of black smoke… Multiple fire crews were on scene…

Charlotte Observer, Nov 8, 2017: The black smoke billowing from the McGuire Nuclear Station early Wednesday was the result of a transformer fire, according to the Huntersville Fire Department…  “We expect to remain on scene for an extended period of time,” officials said. A tanker was also called in from the East Lincoln Fire Department, officials said.

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