The Economic Causes for America’s Second Civil War

The Economic Causes for America’s Second Civil War by Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

When the South withdrew from the Union and attacked Ft. Sumter and set into motion the bloodiest war in American history, they had already separated from the Union on a number of fronts. We find these same divisions in modern day America.

Then and Now

The North possessed the moral high ground and it was not due to the fact that North was morally superior, however, the blight of slavery provided the North with moral supremacy (ie “God must be on our side”). The Sourthern plantion owners insistence of preserving slavery despite technological innovations which promised to make slavery obsolete, spelled economic doom for thiis Southern form of feudalism (ie slavery and sharecropping). By the start of the Civil War the South was bordering on destitution.

The North held the majority in Congress and as a result, they were able to impose their economic will on the South which further exacervated their economic destitution. For example, the North sought to protect its new-found industries with tariffs. This in turn hurt the cotton export market of the South. This one fact had as much to do with the outbreak of the Civil War because it was slap in the face to the establishment of the South. One must understand that history demonstrates that revolutions against the prevailing order are not spawned by the poor. Uprisings occur because the upper middle class is under attack from elite. The emerging American corporate base in the pre-Civil War days comprised the elite. The reach of the power base of the men behind the corporations had an enormous reach beyond their businesses. The plantation owners, although they were very wealthy on a personal basis, did not have the economic and political reach of the emerging “Captains of Industry” in the North. This was also true in American Revolution. Jefferson, Madison, Adams, Washington et al, comprised the colonial elite. However, their power base was limited due to some very one-sided legislation coming out of Parliament.

America, we are witnessing the same thing today in modern day America. A civil war appears to be unavoidable given the present set of circumstances.

The Haves vs. the Have Nots

The pre-Civil War South was a third world country with the plantation owners, which comprised 10% of the population controlled 90% of the wealth, ruled over a population that in today’s world would be considered to be below the poverty level. In today’s America, we are witnessing the same kind of bifurcation of wealth.

The three richest people in the United States include:

  1. Bill Gates
  2. Jeff Bezos
  3. Warren Buffett

Collectively, these three modern day Captains of Industry have an aggregate base of wealth that exceeds the personal savings of America’s poorest 160 million, according to a new study entitled Billionaire Bon

new study shows. The three billionaires are sitting on a combined $248.5 billion fortune, which outstrips the combined net worth of an estimated 160 million Americans, or 53 million US households. The study entitled Billionaire


The problem is so bad that the French economist  Thomas Piketty warned:

The United States is becoming a hereditary aristocracy of wealth and power. Our wealthiest 400 now have more wealth combined than the bottom 64 percent of the U.S. population, an estimated 80 million households or 204 million people. That’s more people than the population of Canada and Mexico combined.

The 25 wealthiest Americans include ten individuals who founded corporations:

  1. Bill Gates (Microsoft)
  2. Jeff Bezos(Amazon)
  3. Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook)
  4. Larry Ellison (Oracle)
  5. Michael Bloomberg (Bloomberg)
  6. Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Google)
  7. Phil Knight (Nike)
  8. Michael Dell (Dell)
  9. Elon Musk (Tesla)


The abovementioned study further demonstrates the racial origins of the coming civil war:

Only two African-Americans, Oprah Winfrey (#264 with $3 billion) and tech investor Robert Smith (#226 with $3.3 billion), currently reside within the Forbes 400. Five members of the Forbes 400 have a Latino background. They include Jorge Perez, the condo king of Miami (#264 with $3 billion) and Arturo Moreno, a billboard billionaire and owner of the Los Angeles Angels baseball team (#324 with $3.5 billion). The three remaining Latinos all hail from the family of the
late Colombian beer magnate Julio Mario Santo Domingo, a major shareholder of SABMiller. His sons Alejandro and Andres Santo Domingo sit at #132 on the list with $4.8 billion each, with son Julio III at #340 with $2.4 billion.

All the top 25 members of the Forbes 400 are white.

These pre-existing racial economic divisions are being used against America to start a civil war and globalists behind this strategy are winning.


Most people who follow The Common Sense have seen extensive documentation that George Soros is doing his best to promote a racial civil war. Soros’ purpose is not to impose racial economic equality. Rather, he is exploiting the inequality that exists to perpetuate these divisions to promote a level of chaos that will culminate in the demise of the United State, Why? Because Soros represents the globalists who needs America to fall in order to implement their brutal dictatorship known as the New World Order. And the economic racial divisions in the country are dramatic and provide a fertile environment from which to recruit young, disenfranchised young males to join in the violent revolution against the establishment (eg Antifa and Black Lives Matter).

Anything short of divine intervention will not stop what has already started. My hope is that all are prepared and are able to stay out of harms way.

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