Liberals Unable To Cope With Election Loss Plan Epic Collective Meltdown

Liberals Unable To Cope With Election Loss Plan Epic Collective Meltdown by Susan Duclos – All News Pipeline

One year ago today, ANP readers spent the day following the election exit polls, and tracking results state-by-state, staying up together and watching what was undoubtedly one of the most exciting, nail-biting, controversial elections in modern history. That comment thread on the live election day coverage had over 3,200 comments as everybody stayed up almost all night watching and then celebrating the fact that Donald Trump had just became the President-Elect.

On the other side of the coin, media pundits, pollsters, Clinton supporters, liberals, and the NeverTrump RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) all freaked out, publicly, live on air, their shock palatable.


Can anyone forget the instantly viral image of a woman on inauguration day,  screaming NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO helplessly at the sky?

In the year since the election we have seen those same cast of characters continue to scream, about Russia! About Fake News! About the Electoral College, with the NY Times still whining about it as recently as November 7, 2017. They screamed RECOUNT! Then they threatened electoral college members’ lives.  Democratic political “Auntie” Maxine Waters was screaming for impeachment since before President Trump was even inaugurated!

Hillary Clinton herself is still screeching about Russia, James Comey, the media, the DNC, the “deplorables,” sexism, misogyny, Bernie Sanders, Wikileaks, the debate questions, women under pressure from men, white people, and a whole host of other things, as she went on her book tour, as compiled by the Daily Caller in the video below.

The media, which didn’t even pretend to be objective during the primaries, nor the general election, with studies having found that 91 percent of the biased reporting was “hostile” to Donald Trump in the 12 weeks following the party conventions when Donald Trump was named the Republican nominee, and Hillary Clinton was named the Democratic nominee, suffered a mass meltdown, live on air, following the final election results.

After President Trump was inaugurated that pattern continued, where networks provided 82 percent “negative” coverage of the President in just his first hundred days.

It wasn’t until after the 2016 Presidential election that some pundits finally admitted that they knew how “hated” Hillary Clinton was in the heartland, but they deliberately chose to “underplay” the truth to their audience, literally keeping them uninformed, which is largely why liberals, NeverTrumpers, and media pundits themselves that had started believing their own “fake news,” were so blindsided by Trump’s electoral victory.

Reactions hit the height of absurdity with the creation of an alternate reality website, where every report pretends that Hillary Clinton was elected the President. They pretend that Huma Abedin is the White House chief of staff under “President” Clinton, and that Hillary has decided to run for “re-election” in 2020, and a whole host of other entirely fake news.


As Stefan Stanford reported back on October 22, 2017, liberals have planned an event for the election anniversary to “scream helplessly at the sky,” in what he dubbed a “Mass Demonic Possession,” where they plan to join together in multiple cities across the country,  including New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Miami, Dallas, and Austin, to scream their “frustrations.”


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“Join us cucks and snowflakes, safe spacers and libtards, as we enjoy a collective cathartic yell into the heavens about our current political establishment,” organisers of the New York event wrote.

The organizer of th NYC screamfest event, actually put out a pretend interview, with himself…. (yes, he asked smart-aleck questions, then answered his own questions), but in that piece on Medium, he explained why he is doing this, stating “I can’t keep up with it all. Every time I think of the laundry list of social injustices on top of my own sh*t like my actual laundry I get overwhelmed. Every news notification on my phone is a reminder of something over which I am powerless. And I think a lot of people feel that way. So f**k me for thinking it’d be nice to yell about it.”

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