Want to Know What’s Gonna Happen November 4th, 2017? NOTHING! (Video)

Want to Know What’s Gonna Happen November 4th, 2017? NOTHING! Video – TruthStream Media

Just like the September thing and the one before that and… seeing a pattern here?

I’m away from my office but after seeing all the mass panic/anger/fear over this one, I felt compelled to rant I guess. Don’t get me wrong. Being prepared is a good thing, but letting yourself get repeatedly manipulated by situations expressly manufactured to make you angry and scared for no real reason (other than to put you back in the box) is not. We face a lot of problems in this society for sure, but this is yet another huge distraction waste of time being used to push buttons for lots of various reasons (mainly the box thing mentioned earlier), taking attention away from more important things and depleting your energy at the same time. This is starting to get really, really old. (Maybe I need to make another video on how reality is being manufactured…)

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