We Interrupt Your Regularily Scheduled Programming to Bring You a Dose of United Nations Reality

We Interrupt Your Regularily Scheduled Programming to Bring You a Dose of United Nations Reality by Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

ISIS is on the loose and coming to a neighborhood near you. It is not even safe to walk on the sidewalk in America.

Are these animals marching in the Middle East or towards the World Trade Center? This is the new face of the George Soros Anti-American Army. First it was Vegas and now it is Manhattan. Very soon it will be your community


I interrupt your scheduled programming for a real-time dose of reality. I was preparing to continue my series on the UN controlled coup against the American people when a real live example has surfaced.

The uncalled for murder of 8 and the injuring of 15 innocent people in Manhattan is the continued fullfillment of the radical left and their intended destabilization of the country and the government so that the UN “peacekeepers” will gain “justiication” to spring into action and change America forever through military occupation and gun confiscation. In Part Two of this series, I covered how the US government has given permission for the UN to “police” America in times of civil unrest and this is what the United Nations’ main culprit, Antifa and their network of terrorists, is trying to do.  The UN is responsible for the attacks that killed or injured in the NY ISIS terrorism attack.

ISIS Attack Upon Manhattan

It is interesting to note that the first three pages of the Google’s listing of articles about yesterday’s terror attack all consist of mainstream media  from the traditional propagandists (eg CNN, ABC, NBC, Washington Post, NY Times, etc). The Independent Media was virtuallly shut out of Google’s search engine which controls 80% of all traffic on the Internet.

The ISIS connection to the Vegas attacks were completely covered up by the MSM and the FBI, despite ISIS claims that it was taking credit and that Paddock was one of their own. Fortunately, the ISIS connection to the Manhattan terror attacks could not be covered up because alert and honest police officiers from the NYPD found the note in the attacker’s truck claiming the attacker’s affiliation with ISIS was found and the contents of the note was released prior to the FBI being able to control the crime scene.

NYPD Officer Ryan Nash stopped the attack with a well-placed bullet in the gut of the ISIS terrorist. The suspect was identified by two law enforcement sources familiar with the investigation as Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov. He’s from Uzbekistan in Central Asia but had been living in the US since 2010. In other words, his terrorist cell has been in place inside the United States for seven years.


President Donald Trump responded to yesterday’s attacks with an announcement of the following tweet:

I have just ordered Homeland Security to step up our already Extreme Vetting Program. Being politically correct is fine, but not for this!

This promise of incresed vetting by the President has previously been thwarted by ultra-liberal communist judges appointed by America’s number one communist sympathizer, Obama.

The United Nations Allies Constisting of ISIS, Hollywood, State Run Universites and Colleges As Well As the Mainstream Media Support a Violent Revolution Against the American People and Government

In adddition to the aforementioned network that is responsible for the wave of terrorism, I want to add that I am in agreement with Mike Adams who is stating that “the deranged left-wing media will stop denying the existence of radical ISIS terrorism in America”, as evidenced by the following published late last night in Natural News:

The Communist Revolution Against America Is In Full Swing

The communist revolution is in full swing in America and its main suporter is the mainstream media (MSM). Ninety Five percent of the mainstream media is owned by six globalist corporations. As you can see from the abovementioned facts, they glorify violence against the vast majority of Americans who still self-identify as conservative, Constitutional-supporting Christians. These are the kinds of people that the radical left wants dead. The ongoing coup against America is being glorified by Hollywood and the media. There is no difference between the extreme radical left, which is growing exponentially on college campuses across America, than the actual violence being carried out by the partnership of Antifa (ie MS-13 and ISIS) under the auspices of the United Nations and their partners at the CIA. This is  a full-scale assault upon the country just the same as if Chinese and Russian troops were paratrooping in from the sky to conquer major American cities (that day is coming).

The Point of Origin of These False Flag Terror Attacks

I just completed a pre-recorded interview with Paul Preston. For over a year both Paul and myself maintain that the United Nations is the driving force behind the CALEXIT movement. We know that a gangster, drug cartel affiliated arsonist was being sought by three probation officers at the time the 65 fires in Northern California simultaeously broke out. These fires were the result of CALEXIT planning and execution. They are the fufillment of the threats we publshed last year in which it was announced the widespread violence would be perpetrated against white people until California was able to exit the Union. BOTH PAUL PRESTON AND MYSELF HAVE INTELLIGENCE INFORMATION THAT DEMONSTRATES THAT THE WAVE OF TERROR ATTACKS ACROSS AMERICA ARE ORGANIZED AND BEING EXECUTED BY THE CALEXIT MOVEMENT. 

As previously covered on The Common Sense Show, we know that the CALEXIT movement is under the direction of the United Nations. California Governor Jerry Brown announced that California, once exited, would become a protectorate of the United Nations. We have previously reported the support of George Soros, the Mexican drug cartels which brings in ISIS and MS-13. In fact, there are many locals that believe that MS-13 carried out the well-coordinated fire-setting in Northern California. The presence of the Mexican drug cartels at the CALEXIT meetings, in which Paul Preston had an embedded source, brings all the current terror groups into play. In addition, the hijacked Jefferson movement, as previously reported on The Common Sense Show. is now under the control of the leadership of Moveon.org which is a George Soros organization. After the Jefferson, 51st state movement was hijacked, it was destroyed through deliberate frivolity and the wasting of valuable legal funds, which would have been needed to complete the mission of creating a 51st state. The same forces that destroyed the Jefferson movement in order to promote the CALEXIT movement are the very ones who are directing  the terror attacks upon America. CALEXIT and the aforementiond forces is the command and control of the overthrow of the United States.

Would you like to know who else is involved in the CALEXIT movement? You should, because it will tell you how vast the conspiracy against America runs. The major participants included the following:

  1. Members of the Obama administration
  2. Former Attorney General for Obama, Eric Holder, is in charge of CALEXIT
  3. As mentioned, the George Soros’ forces
  4. The drug cartels and their ISIS terrorist allies which includes MS-13 the prime suspects in the No. California fires.
  5. Russia as evidenced by the fact that they recognized CALEXIT’s embassy in Moscow
  6. The Bank of China
  7. The owner of Mitsubishi
  8. The Mexican Consulate
  9. California Governor Jerry Brown
  10.  Loretta Lynch
  11. Why do you think Obama is planning to move to Palm Springs?
  12. The entire leadership of California’s Democratic Party.

In previous articles on The Common Sense Show, Paul Preston and myself have documented every statement made in the above revelations. These are the groups and the people who are responsible for the latest terror attacks as well as the treason and sedition of the American people. Sadly, I believe that these people and groups are just getting started.

My interview with Paul Preston will air in Hour 3 of The Common Sense Show this Sunday from 10-11pm (Eastern).

We return you to your regularily scheduled program. May God help us all.

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