As ‘RussiaGate’ Implodes, Brits Push 25th Amendment To Remove Trump


As ‘RussiaGate’ Implodes, Brits Push 25th Amendment To Remove Trump by Harley Schlanger – Rogue Money

Oct. 27 — As Barbara Boyd’s report in this issue of the paper demonstrates, the operation to remove President Trump has been one which, from the beginning, should have been summarily rejected as “Made in London.”  According to the authoritative special report she authored, which was released by LaRouchePAC, “Robert Mueller Is an Immoral Legal Assassin,” the British first targeted Trump directly in 2015, with the London-based GCHQ intelligence coordination center taking the lead. [The Russian Analyst would like to add here another example of flagrant British ‘ex’ spook meddling in U.S. politics, that of former GCHQ employee Matt Tait who has been published by James Comey’s good friend Benjamin Wittes on the Democratic Deep State mouthpiece website Lawfare, where Tait accused a now deceased Republican operative Peter W. Smith of having sought Hillary Clinton’s infamous deleted emails from ‘Russian hackers’ on the dark web, without demonstrating any proof that Smith obtained the emails or reached any hackers Russian or otherwise before Smith’s death by a reported suicide near the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Tait, who tweets at @PwnAlltheThings, gave testimony to Mueller’s investigation in a ‘coincidental’ favor between the old friends Mueller and Comey — JWS]

It was a British firm Orbis, in collaboration with an American firm, Fusion GPS, whose operatives were deployed to write the Trump “sex dossier”.  The leader of the team was “ex”-MI6 spy Christopher Steele, the founder of Orbis and a collaborator of the FBI, who worked together with Orbis colleague and former British Ambassador to Russia, Sir Andrew Wood, to produce the lying dossier, which alleged that not only did Russian President Putin have blackmail material on Trump, but that Putin “meddled” in the U.S. election to make Trump President.

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