The Swamp Has Won

The Swamp Has Won by Bill Bonner – Bonner and Partners

POITOU, FRANCE – Autumn has finally imposed itself. The yellow and gold leaves drift down… morning fog rises… and the remains of the day grow cold. We now have a fire in the fireplace all day long.

A couple of oak trees had to come down. They were almost dead. And an old araucaria threatened to fall on our heads.

Rotted trees are cut down on Bill’s countryside estate

“When they get old, the worms get into them,” explained the man with the chainsaw in his hands.

“Then they weaken fast. And the wood isn’t any good. It’s better to cut them down before the worms eat them up.”

$4 Trillion Budget

The weather may be cold, but the markets are hot.

The Dow is above 23,000 points – a new record. And according to yesterday’s press reports, the job market hasn’t been this “firm” since 1973.

Meanwhile, the Senate has just approved a $4 trillion budget. Reports The Washington Post:

[B]y agreeing to the massive tax cut, Senate Republicans have officially moved the party far away from its promised goal of ensuring the tax plan would not add to the deficit. The White House and House Republicans had vowed that the tax cuts would be offset with new revenue from the elimination of certain deductions, but that is no longer the GOP’s goal. Instead, they have abandoned long-standing party orthodoxy of deficit reduction and are seeking a political win after months of frustration on Capitol Hill.

Just as we predicted, the Swamp has won. Neither party now has any interest in draining it.

Worms Burrow In

We’re executing a wide flanking movement, trying to round up as many “dots” as possible to get a fuller, more accurate view of what is really going on.

In particular, we’re trying to understand why the U.S. government doesn’t work the way it’s “s’posed” to.

The American system, with its “balance of powers” and its bicameral legislature, was designed for small, limited government. It was meant to be a nation of “laws, not of men.”

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