Gold and Silver: Real, Honest Money vs Cryptos: Digital, Virtual Fiat

Gold and Silver: Real, Honest Money vs Cryptos: Digital, Virtual Fiat by Rory – The Daily Coin

At the 5:52 mark in the video below JS Kim is ask about cryptocurrencies. Mr. Kim explains in similar terms as my own how cryptos are being used for the purposes of assimilation. Mr. Kim also believes, as do I, there is more to the story than merely assimilation. This is the reason we have dedicated so much “ink” and air time to this subject and will continue to point out this digital tool of enslavement that was developed by the NSA and MIT.

If you click  – HERE – HERE – HERE – HERE – HERE – HERE – HERE – HERE – HERE – HERE – HERE – HERE – HERE – 3 part series – HERE – Pt1 / HERE Pt2/ HERE  Pt3 – Dave Kranzler adds a little color  HERE – you will get an idea of how much time and resources we have dedicated to this one topic in just over 4 months. We have dedicated so much time and resources to this subject that we have actually moved on and if anyone cares to better understand what the banksters and their government enablers have planned this has now become a great resource with hour upon hour of research at your fingertips.

The above list of articles and videos were all produced beginning in June 2017. I could dig up a lot more but this is really where we began documenting what the banksters and their government enablers were putting into place. It should be clear that cryptocurrencies are not something that is going to “save us from the banksters”. From our perspective what is happening right now is nothing more than a global “pep rally” to get the masses to buy into their digital enslavement and being thrilled about having handed over 100% of their sovereignty to their bankster owners.

If you click HERE you will get an idea of how much time and dedication to real, honest money – gold and silver – we have devoted over the years.

Gold and silver are money and currency. They are off grid, anonymous and 100% outside of the banking system. These are the same attributes the crypto crowd present to the masses as a way of convincing others to use them. If the same effort, beginning in 2008, were put into research and developing payment systems, infrastructure and everything else that has been dedicated to cryptocurrencies but were instead focused on gold and silver we would already be out of this current monetary, economic and financial nightmare. Instead we have more than 1,100 crypto choices and millions of voices screaming to “look at me” or “look at my profits” instead of focusing on a single solution that is real, honest money. What a missed opportunity – unbelievable.

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