Lior Gantz: Gold’s Biggest Test Ever – Make or Break Moment

Lior Gantz: Gold's Biggest Test Ever - Make or Break Moment

Lior Gantz: Gold’s Biggest Test Ever – Make or Break Moment by Rory – The Daily Coin

It’s very important for people, right now, to stay engaged and stay committed to their goals. The system that we live under favors the rich, a debt based system, favors the rich at the expense of the middle class and lower income classes. It is very hard, even with hard work, to get out of the cycle.

It’s extremely important to educate yourself. With education and knowledge you have the tools to change your world; your circumstances. That is the bottom line here. Education – stay engaged. ~Lior Gantz, The Daily Coin

I sat down with Lior Gantz, President, Wealth Research Group, to discuss our ever changing economy and how we can better protect ourselves from an out-of-control Federal Reserve and banking system that steals as much of our wealth as humanly possible on a daily basis. Believe it or not our job is not to line the pockets of the ruling and banking class as they have come to believe, but to better protect our families and ourselves from these thieves.

Are you in your 20’s, 30’s or like myself staring “retirement” in the face in your 50’s? Making adjustments to ones income is crucial to surviving in a monetary world that has lost its way. If you are in your 50’s then you know all too well how our world has changed since we were in our 20’s. You know all too well how every aspect of work, society, family and our economy are merely a distant memory to what we face each day when we awaken. What used to be simple is now very complex or has been replaced with something “new and improved” and no longer resembles what it was in our youth.

The good news is the basics of becoming wealthy, or maintaining the lifestyle one wishes to produce, have not changed. The ways and means of making it happen may need to be relearned but the basics are all still in place.

Lior has spent the past several years developing his passion – serving others. The vehicle he has chosen is wealth preservation and wealth generation. To our good fortune he makes his services, as do we at The Daily Coin, all free for the asking. The reports Lior has put together are second to none. The potential for wealth generation is only limited to the amount of education and risk a person is willing to take on. The Daily Coin has no vested interest in any of this and we, The Daily Coin, are not financial advisors and we are not offering financial advice, we are simply sharing with you what we are doing and what is available for anyone to see as long as they are willing to look. Personally, I’ve never been motivated by riches or money or anything of the sort, my personal motivation comes in similar form as, what appears to be, Lior’s – education and people in general. I love helping people and I absolutely love the fact that you are here. Hopefully, you visit The Daily Coin several times throughout each day to catch the latest in what is happening in our ever changing world.

The conversation below is very hopeful and very well presented. Lior knows his business and he knows these reports that we discuss; he should, as he spent month after month researching each of them. As I said, the reports are free for the asking and you should continue your education and take a look at some of what Lior has compiled.

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