The US Government Has Been Funding the Gateway to the Dark Web

The US Government Has Been Funding the Gateway to the Dark Web by London Paul – The Sirius Report

When people think of the dark web they imagine that it hosts sites that sell illicit goods such as guns, drugs and fake ID documents. For several years, law enforcement agencies have been trying to close down lucrative dark web sites such as the Silk Road.

The dark web is essentially a collection of websites that are completely hidden except to those who know where to look and they need specialist software to access them, including the highly encrypted browser called Tor.

However, what is perhaps most surprising is that the US government has been financing the principle route into the dark web. In 2013, Tor published its tax returns indicating it had been in receipt of $1.8m and in 2015, they were in receipt of $1.2m. In addition, the Department of Defense is also financing a project to find vulnerabilities in the software.

So the question is why exactly has the US government been financing the very thing law enforcement agencies are seeking to investigate?

It should perhaps come as no surprise that the US military originally deployed this technology as a means for intelligence agencies to interrogate websites and domains in foreign countries without being able to be detected and therefore prevent their owe traffic being analysed. In addition, it was also utilised for communicating with field agents in those countries.

However, there were deficiencies in this approach, which meant that the intelligence agencies needed to expand their usage so that they could be incommunicado inside the dark web. It was for that reason that this technology was opened up to the general public and those wishing to have total anonymity on the web quickly began using the dark web. What they failed to appreciate is that in the process they were aiding the very people, namely the intelligence agencies they despise, from being detected themselves.

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