Eight Things You Need to Know About Cryptocurrencies

Eight Things You Need to Know About Cryptocurrencies by James Altucher – Daily Reckoning

In 1994, I was working for HBO at a low-level programming job.

My central task was to get HBO streaming interactively on cable lines.

I said to my boss, “The technology to do this is already done. It’s called the web. Why do I have to invent an entirely new way to stream content?”

He said, “James. Calm down. The cable guys know what they are doing. This internet thing is popular with academics but is just a fad.”

And that was that…


Cryptocurrencies benefit from two 5,000-year-old trends.

1) Theism → Humanism → Dataism in every industry. Two thousand years ago if you got ill, you assumed you had sinned and you would pray to get better. Twenty years ago, you’d go to a doctor. Now you get EEGs, MRIs, genetic testing, etc., to determine treatment.

Money is “In God We Trust” → Benjamin Franklin we trust → Cryptocurrencies (we trust data)

2) Barter → Physical store of value (gold, silver, etc.) → Money backed by metal → Paper money → Bank money → Pure data money (cryptos)

These trends are not going away.


I hate the word “crypto.”

“Crypto” refers to the aspect of bitcoin that makes it secure. It uses a branch of math called “public key cryptography.” But knowing this provides basically zero value in understanding cryptocurrencies.

Better to call them “data currencies” or simply “currencies.”


A currency is two things:

1) A store of value: E.g., one can say, “I have $1 million.” That’s a number stored in the bank. It’s the value of net worth the person saying it has.

2) A transaction mechanism. E.g., with $1, I can go into a deli and buy a cup of coffee.

Bitcoin is the first but not the second (unless you want to wait 10 minutes every time you buy a cup of coffee).

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