Bill Murphy & Chris Waltzek Ph.D (Podcast)

Bill Murphy & Chris Waltzek Ph.D Podcast – Radio GoldSeek


  • Bill Murphy of returns with bullish commentary on Bitcoin and the precious metals sector.
  • Bill Murphy clarifies news on China’s in-ground gold reserves figure that soared to 12,100 tons.
  • The discussion includes today’s break above $5,200 Bitcoin – some top analysts are calling for $7,000, while Clif High makes a plausible case for $13,000 BTC.
  • The PTB cannot find a way to contain the viral Bitcoin / Blockchain epidemic, as they have the PMs markets via paper money schemes.
  • Once the cryptospace is dominated by the big institutions, interest will return to gold and silver in a big way.
  • Just as Ethereum is arguably silver to the Bitcoin gold, silver has great potential to leap suddenly to triple digits, following the lead of Ethereum.
  • The host speculates that the tipping point could unfold as gold / silver assets migrate to the blockchain domain, such as the upcoming OneGram ICO.

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