Are We Witnessing Bannon’s Utterly Brilliant Scheme To Take Down The Elite?

Are We Witnessing Bannon’s Utterly Brilliant Scheme To Take Down The Elite? by Susan Duclos – All News Pipeline

With the emergence of the “sh*tty media men” list now being circulated among media outlets, I believe we are witnessing a coordinated 4-pronged war against the establishment liberal “elite.” 1) Expose them 2)Forcing them to eat their own by using their own ‘victimhood’ mentality against them to 3) Destroy them, in order to 4) Take away their influence on the general population.

First accusations against Hollywood moguls have divided celebrities,  and now liberal media outlets are seeing their “media men” exposed for sexual misconduct with the emergence of the “sh*tty media men” document that has circulated via email, with claims that Google has already removed the document from their servers, yet the media outlet that first exposed existence of the “sh*tty media men” document, has so far refused to actually produce the names on the list, namely Buzzfeed, who just so happens to have at least one of their own employees on the list.

BuzzFeed’s concluding paragraph in their article about the existence of the list, admits it:

The accused work at some of the most well-known places in the industry, including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the New Yorker, Mother Jones, and BuzzFeed. These are places that have written about the Weinstein allegations, and other sexual harassment allegations in tech and other industries. What will their response be when the call is coming from inside the house?



According to Buzzfeed, the allegations against the media personalities on the list, range from “flirting” and “weird lunch dates” to accusations of rape, assault, stalking, harassment, and physical violence, which even the writer admits the disclaimer that came with the emailed list states “This document is only a collection of misconduct allegations and rumors. Take everything with a grain of salt.”

So, a bunch of “claims” are being thrown out there, the allegations are conflating “dog” behavior with actual sexual crimes, much like some of the Harvey Weinstein “accusers,” where some are claiming harassment simply because he hit on them, with others claiming actual sexual crimes, but the point of it all is not to take down individual men, it is to literally make the left eat it’s own, using the one issue that forces them to take a side and attack each other, because liberals are huge on convincing everyone that America is one big “rape culture” society.

As many who are discussing this “sh*tty media men” men list are pointing out, BuzzFeed is the outlet that published the fake “Trump Dossier,” even acknowledging when they published it that many accusations could not be confirmed and were outright false, yet it is being noted that they have not published this media men list, nor delved into the actual detailed allegations against them.

Via BuzzFeed, apparently in an attempt to justify not publishing the list:

But things do get complicated when you start lumping all of this behavior together in a big anonymous spreadsheet of unsubstantiated allegations against dozens of named men — who were not given the chance to respond — that, by Wednesday night, seemed to have spread far and wide. At various points on Wednesday, dozens of anonymous accounts were looking at the spreadsheet. This was by design; because of the way the document was structured it meant that anyone could look at it, download and share it, and so there was no way to know if they were all the intended female recipients. Several men who were on the spreadsheet had reached out to other staffers at BuzzFeed News because they had seen it.

As The Nation contributor Collier Meyerson tweeted earlier on Wednesday, “There is a difference between serial sexual assaulters, harassers, rapists and dogs. There are tons of both in media. In the coming days, as aggregated lists of men are created, it’s important to distinguish who are dogs and who are sexual assaulters.” Does a spreadsheet of this size and breadth of allegations accomplish its goal, which is presumably to warn women about predators? I’m not totally sure, but the fact of the spreadsheet’s existence is itself a feature of this new social media age, of email hacks and document leaks, and a time when things that had just been whispered about are put into digital form, and shared, and take on a life of their own.

Is the real reason they didn’t publish the list itself because one or more of their own are on the list, or because the media personalities named are all liberally biased in their coverage?

ChicksOnTheRight highlights what many are thinking and stating on social media, “Yeah, yeah. We get it. There are different levels of pervy behavior. But I have to wonder. Why didn’t BuzzFeed publish this document? If it contained a list of high profile conservatives who were rumored dogs, they would’ve published it. I’m almost positive.”

So are we.


They media outlets named and the Hollywood actors and moguls being highlighted now all consider themselves liberal “elites” that think they have the right to tell the public what to do. Weinstein was a Hillary Clinton mega-donor, and Ben Affleck, who is now in the crosshairs and had apologized for groping some’s “boob” was on Hillary Clinton’s email list. Liberal media outlets and the loudest voices in Hollywood are all part of the “globalism” crowd.

Who can forget the videos of all those hollywood celebrities making a point to highlight how “important” it was to get “lots of famous people”  or as one stated a “sh*t ton of famous people” to tell the public who to vote for. The narcissistic tone of how they explain why they (Famous people!) are needed to tell the public how to vote, was one of the most disturbing things I saw during the presidential election.

The MSM, much like those narcissistic “elitist” celebrities, did the same thing, with a constant barrage of negative coverage for Trump the GOP nominee, with studies showing that 91 percent of the biased coverage in a twelve week period after the party conventions, was hostile against Trump, as the MSM attempted to influence the public into doing what the media wanted. That did not even include the newspapers, that was just the television news from ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts!

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