Trump vs Media – Battle Royale

Trump vs Media – Battle Royale by Rory – The Daily Coin

It seems Trump is attempting to shut down some of the mainstream media outlets by way of revoking their license. Unfortunately he can’t do that. There may be ways he can begin breaking up their monopoly since only 6 companies own all the channels you see on cable and Clear Channel most radio stations. The last number I read it was more than 1,200 radio stations across the country. There are ways of attacking this vital aspect of the deep state/swamp but going after their license is not of the options.

Lamestream/deadstream/mainstream media is dying all on it’s own power. People are awakening to the nonsense they produce and the situation in Las Vegas is not helping, at all. No real reporting on this heinous crime, no evidence being presented and the story continually changes. Where is the reporting? Oh, that’s right, on the internet. Where real questions are ask, where actual evidence, as is available, is presented and people actually debate what has taken place.

ZeroHedge spent most of Wednesday October 11 following the latest distraction sponsored by the swamp and Budweiser.

Update (8:20 pm ET): Fresh off a rally in Pennsylvania where the president talked up the administration’s tax reform plans, Trump has returned to twitter to round out a day of roasting NBC News by doubling down on his earlier assertion that the FCC should consider revoking the network’s license(s).

Of course, as one FCC commissioner pointed out earlier, the FCC can’t revoke a license for an entire network, only its regional affiliates.

Below is the latest in the video series showing Trump vs the mainstream media – it makes for a good laugh and keeps the left/right feud ticking along at a fever pitch.

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