4 Key Aspects Of Firearms Training For Self-Defense

4 Key Aspects Of Firearms Training For Self-Defense by Weston Hawks – The Survivalist Blog

I have been around firearms most of my life and in the past 6 years, I have grown to love shooting and learning about them. This year I have started a journey of becoming more proficient with them. I am going to share the four aspects of firearms training as I see them.

Before I get started on the four aspects there are some guidelines that I would like to lay out to make your training more beneficial.

  • First metrics, if you don’t have a way to track your improvement that you don’t know if you are improving. This can be like 5 shots out of 5 on a 3×5 card at 15 feet. You can then measure your improvement my moving the target back
  • Second, a shot timer. While there are $150 shot timers out there, I just use an app that I have downloaded on my phone. I use “shot timer” on the iPhone because it allows me to record my times and leave notes so that I can write them down later. Unfortunately, I don’t have an app for Android that I like but there are plenty of free ones out there so just try some!
  • Lastly a training journal. I keep one in my range bag so that I can keep track of the metrics that I am using and see where I am improving and see where I need to focus on in upcoming training.

Take a Training Class

This is an often-overlooked part of firearms training. A lot of people have grown up around firearms and think they know all that they need to know. This is not true, there is a saying that I have heard recently from the hosts of The Arms Room podcast, “you don’t know what you don’t know”. These guys are firearms trainers and run a company in Arizona, so they have a good understanding of training. I have taken two classes in my adult life, and both times I left understanding more about the use of firearms. The last one was a defensive handgun class, where I learned new ways to use a handgun in defensive fighting, and I was pushed to limits that I don’t push myself to in my normal training.

Taking a training class is often not as expensive as buying a new gun, my class was under $150, but people with a safe full of expensive firearms will refuse to take a class because “it cost too much”. If you have never taken a class, or even if you have but it has been awhile, maybe hold off on buying that new gun that you “need” to have and take a class! Heck drag your spouse or significant other with you so you both can learn.

Now I know that there are going to be people that say “I was in the military so I don’t need to take a firearms class. I was taught all I need to know”. Well, I was in the Marine Corps Reserve as an infantryman and I KNOW that they don’t teach you everything. Heck I never touched a handgun during my time in. There are also people who say “my father/mother/cousin/whatever was a cop/special ops person and they taught me how to shoot, so I’m good I don’t have to take a class”. My father has worked in Law enforcement my whole life and he taught me how to shoot when I was very young but I still learned a lot from taking classes. This is not meant to brag but show that a lot of the excuses for people to not take classes are not valid.

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