ISIS in Iraq Surrenders (Video)

ISIS in Iraq Surrenders Video – Bill Still

President Trump has scored a major victory in the war on ISIS.

Today, Jennifer Griffin of Fox News reported that one of the last ISIS strongholds in Iraq, Hawija, has fallen and now one thousand rag-tag ISIS fighters have surrendered to Kurdish authorities rather than follow their leader’s demand that they fight to the death.

The Iraqi military said that it took only 3 days of actual fighting before most of the ISIS army grabbed their families and ran.

The Islamic state’s governor told the men to turn themselves into the Kurdish forces instead of waiting to be captured by the Iraqi Army and its Iranian-trained allies because they are notorious for killing not only all prisoners but their entire families also.

During the subsequent interrogation by the Kurds, many of the so-called fighters claimed they were merely cooks or clerks – not really fighting soldiers. They said they had only joined recently because the $100 a month was the best pay around.

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