Future Of Spain, Catalonia Uncertain After Puigdemont Speech

Future Of Spain, Catalonia Uncertain After Puigdemont Speech by Elizabeth Vos – DisObedient Media

Earlier today, Catalonian President and leader of the independence movement, Carles Puigdemont stated that an official move towards a declaration of Catalonian independence would be delayed.

Politico reported Puigdemont’s statement, which indicated that he: “would act on what he called a popular mandate to declare independence from Spain but first wanted dialogue with Madrid to ensure it is a peaceful process.”

Zerohedge related that the Spanish government had indicated its intention to invoke article 155 of the Spanish constitution, which the outlet wrote would effectively be the “nuclear option.” Spain would seize control of the separatist province, potentially leading to even more violence and further fueling demands for independence.

Disobedient Media previously reported Spain’s use of violent riot police to attempt to prevent the Catalan referendum on independence taking place. That the EU has remained largely reticent on the subject is extremely troubling, especially in light of the extreme violence used against Catalan citizens during the referendum.

Disobedient Media previously related the concern of human rights groups including Amnesty International towards Spain’s crackdown on Catalonia.

Given the nature of events during the referendum, one can only imagine the scale of the possible violence which would occur if Spain moves preemptively against the independence declaration. Shockingly violent atrocitiescommitted by Spanish riot police were widely reported by social media on various platforms.

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As Disobedient Media previously noted, the EU has been largely reticent to comment on Spain’s blatant display of authoritarianism, which reminded many of the Country’s time under fascist dictator Francisco Franco.

That the EU would permit such events seriously mars the EU and its supposed value of democracy and freedom. Some have suggested that the EU deeply fears the success of such a movement as it might encourage similar movements in future.

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