James Rickards & Chris Waltzek Ph.D. (Podcast)

James Rickards & Chris Waltzek Ph.D. Podcast – Radio Gold Seek


  • James Rickards makes his show debut, author of The New Case for Gold, the private placement, MERAGLIM and the James Rickards Project
  • As a key negotiator in the 1998 LTCM bailout and advisor to the DoD / CIA / Los Alamos, James Rickards outlines sophisticated analytical models.
  • Bayes’ Theorem, a conditional analysis method facilitates forecasting the tipping point / phase transition of highly complex systems. 
  • The global financial system nearly imploded in 1998, then again in 2008; his models suggest that by 2018 a new financial fiasco could materialize.
  • The US Fed increased the balance sheet from $800 billion to $4 trillion since 2009 while holding rates near zero for 6 years without normalizing.
  • The operations exposed the world’s most important CB vulnerable to a new economic meltdown. 
  • Once the inevitable implosion begins in earnest, our guest expects the IMF, the lender of last resort to distribute its own currency, SDRs.
  • Similar to Kurt Vonnegut’s epic SciFi novel, Cat’s Cradle (free PDF) our guest draws parallels between Ice-9 and the global economic system.
  • The global economy could suddenly freeze up, with frightening implications for all 7 billion inhabitants. 
  • The seasoned lawyer confirms the suspicions of many, including GATA.org, inadequate bullion exists to support the 1:100 gold to paper contracts.
  • James Rickards echoes the thoughts of several guests, supporting the solid case for $10,000 gold and perhaps much higher.
  • Policymakers who believe the gold at Fort Knox / West Point / NY Fed is sufficient to sustain the economy are mistaken.
  • The stockpile is likely leveraged 10:1 or even 100:1, leaving the US Treasury vulnerable to bankruptcy. 
  • China has plans to eclipse our national gold reserves via the purchase of 3,000 tons of gold in the next 2 years, $130 billion, at the current price level.
  • Key takeaway: it is advisable to procure precious metals and related shares at current levels.
  • James Rickards presents an overview of his Meragrim private placement that uses the cutting edge AI from IBM’s Watson to predict / forecast essential outcomes in the geopolitical arena (figure 1.1).

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