F. William Engdahl: Gold, China and The Deep State

F. William Engdahl: Gold, China and The Deep State

F. William Engdahl: Gold, China and The Deep State by Rory – The Daily Coin

Most people that are awake and aware of deep state operations conducted by the CIA are reviewing the “mass shooting” in Las Vegas as simply the latest incarnation of an event designed to terrorize the American public and set the stage for another attempt at a gun grab. This latest attempt, like the previous attempts, will fail at getting our guns.

I sat down with with economist and investigative freelance journalist, F. William Engdahl, WilliamEngdahl.com, to discuss this latest turn of events against the backdrop of the bigger picture. Mr. Engdahl points out the event in Las Vegas, while tragic, is nothing more than another distraction to keep the American people off point of the real issues going on at the global level.

China and Russia continue forging the alliance between the two countries as well as forging alliances around the world. The multipolar world that is unfolding, while one could argue is a great departure from the current dollar hegemony, we at The Daily Coin, see it as nothing more at the next incarnation of the globalist over-arching plan of enslavement. This years puppets, like Trump, Putin, Xi Jinping are all playing their role and dancing to the tune coming from the BIS, World Bank and IMF. The one remaining question is what role, if any, gold will play. As it stands today, gold is coming back to the table and may be the one item that saves the ruling oligarchs from a completely decentralized banking, financial and economic system. If gold is reintroduced this would certainly capture the attention of everyone. It would also have the potential to “crush” cryptocurrencies as a rush to real, tangible wealth would materialize. Not sure any of my speculation is worth a 90% silver dime, but in this “new normal” it seems anything is possible on any day.

Mr. Engdahl brings his 40 plus years of research to the table to discuss what is happening, what has happened and what could potentially happen as our monetary system continues to shake and rumble. The geopolitics of Syria, Ukraine, Russia, Washington DC and China continue to fill the headlines and morgues around the world as these global hotbeds demonstrate just how out-of-control the deep state within Washington DC has truly become.

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