Big Alert! Yahoo Admits ALL 3 Billion Accounts Breached, Setting New Record (Video)

Big Alert! Yahoo Admits ALL 3 Billion Accounts Breached, Setting New Record Video – DAHBOO

TDC Note – So, your Yahoo account was hacked in 2013 but you’re not learning about it until 2017 – pretty cool!! Nice how this massive data breach has been kept from us for the past 4 years. Thanks for nothing!


Yahoo has tripled its initial estimate of the number of email accounts affected by a data breach in 2013. The company announced that all the 3 billion users who had a Yahoo email account at the time were affected and could have their data compromised.

Oath, Yahoo’s new parent company, announced Tuesday that it is providing notice to 2 billion additional user accounts that had been affected by a data breach in 2013

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