Seven Reasons to Acquire Gold – Today

Seven Reasons to Acquire Gold – Today by Rory – The Daily Coin

One of the mainstream media CIA propaganda operations recently published an article titled Seven Reasons to Sell Gold As we have recently documented the mainstream media has continued, if not increased, their attacks on gold while embracing bitcoin. We find this fact strange for a number of reasons.  What we also find interesting is the internet only news websites don’t see this as a warning sign that something is probably out of balance. In the past the mainstream media has been used, to a degree, to measure the depths of falsehoods being spread. This does not apply when it comes to bitcoin as it has become the darling of most internet only news websites. We don’t trust bitcoin any more than we trust the mainstream media that sold their soul to the CIA decades ago.

We thought it would be a good idea to showcase this wonderful piece of mainstream media nonsense and dispel each of the seven reasons they offer. Of course, being the good little puppets their goal is to dislodge gold from your hands and replace it with some form of bank owned fiat currency; preferably  a digital currency, like a debit or credit card, for the purposes of tracking your every move.

The seven reasons below, which we, hopefully, will prove to completely wrong, are from the article Seven Reasons to Sell Gold

1. Charts look ugly

Gold markets are volatile, and a key indicator of what direction the commodity is moving in comes from technical analysis and a look at supply and demand based on the charts.

First, gold is money, it is traded as a commodity to disguise this fact. Most all gold is kept, by individuals and central banks, as money and never used as a commodity, like zinc or copper. If the supply and demand fundamentals were to used in earnest as a measurement for golds true value, it would be much higher than it is today.

One of gold’s primary roles is to tell society how well or how poorly the economy is performing. If this vital indicator is manipulated the general public is kept completely in the dark. For this reason the technical charts must be “painted” in a particular fashion for the lie to continue unquestioned.

Of course their is a chart showing you how ugly it is in order for the average gold holder to look at it and say to themselves – “yep, that’s ugly”. Never mind the fact that a vast majority of people never look at technical charts for any aspect of their portfolio, but here’s one and the author wants you to understand that it is “ugly”.

Also, never mind the fact that, now proven in a court of law on multiple occasions, gold and silver are both manipulated, along with all the other markets. So, unless you have a great knowledge of how to read these manipulated charts they are completely worthless. Technical analysis used to be a great indicator of how markets would move, but in this time of High Frequency Trading algorithms, market manipulation, QE and the Plunge Protection Team the role technical analysis’ play can be washed out in, literally, a nanosecond.

2. Low inflation

Most recently, the U.S. Labor Department’s Consumer Price Index showed a 1.9% annual rate of inflation in August, or 1.7% when excluding food and energy.

The author of this article obviously doesn’t go to the grocery store, doctor, gas station or pay rent and has zero interaction with the education system. The author doesn’t follow John Williams’,, work either, for if he did, he would understand that inflation is absolutely raging. Unlike the nonsense we are told by the Federal Reserve and their lackeys within government and mainstream media.

According to the numbers above it appears that inflation is running about 8.5-9% by the 1980 measurement and about 5.5% by the 1990 measurement. So, where you work – did you receive a raise equal to or greater than about 6.5 – 7%? If not, currently, your wages are moving backwards, again.

Combine this with the real rate of inflation and it should be pretty clear that something outside the system is probably in order to protect ones wealth.

3. The prospect of further Fed tightening

Even worse, the prospect of inflation or a weak dollar anytime soon look very thin after the Federal Reserve’s announcement that it will start to wind down a massive $4.5 trillion portfolio of government securities it built up during and after the financial crisis.

This is laughable. We just crushed the narrative regarding inflation and, the fact of the matter is, a weaker dollar is coming. President Trump has made it very clear that he would like to see a weaker dollar and the IMF has stated the U.S. dollar is overvalued by some 20%.

This will prove to be a great reason to acquire and hold physical gold. If your currency is losing value on the global stage what better way to protect your wealth than with gold? Not one ounce of gold in any vault any where on planet earth has changed. The currencies around the world are in a constant state of change – up, down, stagnant. Gold, stays the same. Would you rather hold something that doesn’t change or hold something that is in a constant state of change? That’s the bottom line. And besides, if the Federal Reserve begins “unwinding their balance sheet” this would prove their monetary theories over the past decade to be 100% false – that will never happen.

4. Not-so-bullish price targets

…Goldman Sachs increased its gold price forecasts, but its three-month target of $1,260 and its 12-month target of $1,250 are below where gold currently trades, so let’s not make the mistake of seeing these recent price targets as a firmly bullish sign.

Allow me to say this again – gold is money. There is no “price” for gold. Gold is exchanged, like any other currency. You exchange Federal Reserve Notes, Chinese Renminbi, Japanese Yen for gold, you do not purchase gold you acquire gold. This is one of the longest perpetuated lies in American monetary history. It is a lie.

Goldman Sachs has a history of betting against their muppets, I’m sorry, their clients. If Goldman Sachs publishes a report stating that an item, or investment sector, is moving in one direction or the other, personally, I would bet against it as it has proven time and again a significant portion of their profits come from fleecing the muppets.

5. Risk-on market environment

The typical catalyst that ignites a big run for gold is, simply, fear.

Never mind greed, which is the other major catalyst for holding physical gold. Never mind wealth protection, like insurance against a do-nothing congress and out-of-control banking system, a crumbling economy or any of the 4 previous bullet points.

6. Risk-off geopolitical environment

Sure, President Trump was at the U.N. saber-rattling this week. Iran and North Korea have always been moderately annoying but mostly they’ve been contained troublemakers on the world scene for years with minimal impact.

Where does one even begin. Syria, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Libya, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, North Korea and the list goes on from there. What about the continual “Russia did it” narrative coming from the mainstream media itself? Does that not count? Would that not create geopolitical instability? What about Brexit and Catalonia voting to secede from Spain – which is another form of Brexit conducted by another European Union member! How convenient for this propagandist to simply point to one or two situations around the world while overlooking the entirety of our world.

7. The bitcoin effect

It should not be lost on investors that, since bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been in a tailspin since early September, gold has struggled. Many investors flock to both of those assets for the same reason — theoretical safe harbors from corrupt capital markets and government interference — but when steep declines shake that core idea of safety, it’s hard to hang on. It’s difficult to put empirical data to this beyond the timing of both bitcoin and gold rolling over, but I have to imagine that a similar crisis of confidence is happening in both assets right now.

Well, what about that. A mainstream media cheerleader that’a not singing the praises of how cryptocurrencies are the greatest thing since sliced bread.

I love how this mainstream media tool says that gold is a “theoretical safe harbors from corrupt capital markets and government interference” . Well, gold has been, in practice, exactly that – a safe harbor – for some 4,000+ years. My guess is, after say, 3.500 years it is no longer a theory, but a proven fact.

These are just reasons the mainstream media provided to actually acquiring and holding physical gold, your reasons may differ, but this is a fairly solid foundation for having some metal in your vault within arms reach. – remember not financial advice.

Currently, we really like the American Gold Eagle 1/2 ounce coin as it is on it’s way to being one of the lowest minted gold coins in the history of the American Eagle program. We believe the potential for premiums to significantly increase make this coin a great value at current acquisition cost. Even if the premiums do not increase, how can one go wrong with having a 1/2 ounce AGE in the vault? For this reason, we are adding as many as possible to our vault.

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