Where’s The Oil for Gold/Gold for Oil Contract?

Where’s The Oil for Gold/Gold for Oil Contract? by Rory – The Daily Coin

A few weeks ago there was a singular article published in the Nikkei Times discussing a new gold for oil contract that was supposedly coming to market. After a couple of weeks of running wild on the internet there is still no contract, but the story continues to morph and attract attention. Where is the contract? Who is behind the contract and where are the source links?

In the original article, which has been republished and any mention of gold in the title has been removed, there are exactly ZERO source links to the contract, to the Chinese official making the announcement, to the Chinese office making the announcement or any link to anything outside of the original article. Why? Why are there ZERO source links in such an important announcement? Who is behind the announcement? Which Chinese Office/Department is supporting this “gold for oil” contract? Why are there ZERO people being photographed as the “proud parent” of what could be one of the most important contacts in the history of commodities? Why? Where are the source links?

If someone wants to call my publication “fake news” they had better produce a few source links to dispel what is written and what we have previously written, with dating on the sources between July 22 and September 14, 2017, otherwise, these people are simply supporting a narrative they want to be true, but has ZERO merit.

Don’t believe me – see for yourself – Link to the original publication on September 1, 2017. Please make note of the byline, the image and the article itself which is completely devoid of any source links.

Now, here is the link to the “updated” version published on September 14, 2017. My guess is, Nikkei.com was absolutely flooded with emails demanding more information about the gold, the contract and every other aspect of this fantastical story. When an important story such as this one hits the wire people will click most, if not all, source links. Since there were no source links provided, that would leave the people wanting actual answers only one option – contact the publisher.

Everyday for the past couple of weeks I have been doing a simple search – oil benchmark backed by gold contract – the only articles to be returned are all the derivative articles being generated from the original article published on September 1 by Nikkei Times.

This morning I decided to search something a little different to find out if I could get different results – the first is from SCMP published July 22, 2017-

China aims for pricing power in launching crude oil futures – there is not a single link to an oil benchmark contract nor any mention of a gold backed oil benchmark. The one problem with this article, and may be the source of the confusion, is the image associated with this article shows gold bars and renminbi. There is NO mention of gold in the article. The article discusses how China is making another attempt at attracting attention for a yuan based oil contract since there previous attempts have been utter failures.

The latest article coming from SCMP – Central bank official says China keen to promote use of yuan in commodity pricing published on September 19, 2017 is the most recent of all news regarding commodities, China and oil. Once again, there is zero mention of gold backing oil benchmark. There is no mention, nor any links, to a contract supporting the idea of a gold backed oil benchmark. There is plenty of information regarding the promotion of yuan denominated commodities and promotion of the renminbi on the global stage.

This story has become, in my opinion, very reckless. Where is the contract? Where are the discussions by the Chinese officials and the Office/Department within China supporting this idea of a oil for gold benchmark and when will this contract be launched? Until these questions can be answered the article may as well have been written by Satoshi Nakamoto. I was planning on using an image of Satoshi for the feature image of this article, but above is the only image I could find.

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