Theresa May’s European Policy

Theresa May’s European Policy by Matthew Jamison – Strategic-Culture

The British Prime Minister Theresa May is set to make a historic speech on the post-Exit relationship between the UK and EU. Of all the places to make such an important and profound speech the choice of Italy, home to one of the most powerful (and deeply corrupted) Christian religions in human history, alongside its peculiar relationship and history with Mussolini’s Fascists and the organised crime syndicate of the Mafia is a flamboyant if not very strange and disturbing choice. It was also strange regarding the surprise announcement from 10 Downing Street (during the tussle over the Foreign Secretary’s piece in the Daily Telegraph preceded the day before by the Parsons Green terror attack….gosh these terror attacks are becoming very predictable according to the UK political calendar!) that it is definitely to be Theresa May, the co-called British prime minister, who would now along with her personal representative Olly Robbins be directly in charge of leading the negotiations on the UK’s exit from the EU. This effectively has completely neutered the Department for Exiting the European Union and with it the Secretary of State David Davis. What a waste of tax payers money but then Mrs. May does like to spend taxpayers money on wasteful political garbage such as the huge amount wasted on her abortion of a General Election campaign. Perhaps Mrs. May and her backers have been listening more closely to what has been coming out of the EU Commission regarding the suitability, accountability and stability of David Davis?

Which begs the question why did Theresa May create the Department for Exiting the EU in the first place and empower David Davis to be the UK’s chief negotiator only to pull the rug from underneath him at a critical moment in the UK-EU negotiations, basically caving into Brussels pressure (so much for that Bloody Difficult Woman label) and shut down DEXU? Why did she appoint the leading lights of the Leave Campaign to these top positions such as David Davis and Boris Johnson only to isolate and cut loose the true believer Leavers at this critical moment in UK-European history? Was that always going to be the plan after she got her landslide majority? Why was Theresa May for Remain yet was no where to be found on the Brexit battlefield during the EU Referendum campaign? Why then after having voted and campaigned to Remain did Theresa May all of a sudden in the Library of RUSI become a converted hard Brexiter? And now why – after being for Remain, then “Brexit means Brexit”, making the ridiculous “Global Britain” speech, then blowing a massive opinion poll lead and calling a needless General Election, plunging the UK and Europe into even more instability and having wasted an entire year or more in sorting out how the UK is to Leave the EU – Theresa May has now carried out her third transformation on the subject of Brexit in the space of 16 months going from an invisible Remainer to a hard Brexiter to now back to her original position of a Remainer looking for a Soft Brexit. Will the real Theresa May please stand up?

These are questions only the UK Government front lady Theresa May (and more saliently her powerful patrons within the post-1945 Euro-Atlantic-Japanese community such as her close advisor the Director-General of RUSI and CIA Envoy Dr. Karin Von Hippel) can answer. Answer they must. Unfortunately the performance of Theresa May as British prime minister over the last 14 months or so, has been to put it mildly, deeply unimpressive, if not dire, simply dire. A lot of it has to do with some very powerful people from the United StatesEurope and Japan who are in reality the power behind Theresa May, who are the forces pulling Mrs. May’s strings, controlling the Maybot and writing the script for her when it comes to international relations (which Mrs. May knows little about as is the case with most of her deeply provincial and deeply insular home counties home affairs advisors) but with her Conservative Party “mentor” the former Leader whom she served under and previous Foreign Secretary in the Cameron Government now (Lord) William Hague guiding her on world affairs every step of the way along with Lord Hague’s RUSI colleague Karin Von Hippel and Lord Hague’s extremely close personal, political and financial “partner” Alan Duncan who currently serves in Theresa May’s Government as Deputy Foreign Secretary, who conveniently lives next door to William Hague on Gayfere Street and funnily enough had a massive crush for some bizarre reason on Philip May while they were all involved in the Oxford Union and OUCA. Their very own Manchurian candidate.

These people got her the job of Prime Minister in the traumatic and shocking aftermath of the decision by the UK to Exit the EU. This occurred because the Cameron Notting Hill-Bullingdon Club upper-middle class public school educated wing of the Tory Party fractured and factionalised regarding the issue of an EU Referendum and the subsequent line the Conservative Party would take. There was quite simply no one else of any calibre to put forward as the representative of this metropolitan “socially liberal modernizing” group and Lord Hague and co saw an opportunity to settle some old scores from the days of his failed miserable leadership of the Tory Party by effectively taking out members of a former enemy camp. In fact, in the most pathetic and childish fashion there has been quite a lot of ridiculous point scoring and score settling going on within the weird tribe that is known as the Tory Party and it is appalling to witness. Theresa May is simply not a Leader no matter how hard her image makers tried to present her as the new Margaret Thatcher. This was one of the reasons why she was selected.

The powers that be knew and had calculated precisely she would be easily manipulated, easily programmed, easily controlled because she is way out of her depth intellectually. Which is another sad truth about the current British prime minister. No one at Oxford or anyone who has ever dealt with her comes away with the impression of a deep, erudite and complex thinker so it is one of the greatest insults I can think of to compare a Titan like Margaret Thatcher to a pygmy like Theresa May. Mrs. Thatcher would be appalled at how Theresa May has handled the decision of a majority of the UK electorate to exit the European Union. Absolutely appalled. So, for that matter I have a suspicion Sir Winston Churchill would be too.

Two huge seismic geopolitical earthquakes hit the Anglo-American Western political order in 2016 which upset the apple cart for a significant section of the post-1945 US-European international elite – particularly those Americans English who look towards Germany as the greatest country in Europe, who took a more dovish approach to the existential question of civilization itself in terms of what to do with the survivors of the Hitler Nazi regime/Nazi Germany and who hate Russia as much as Hitler’s Germany did.

The first was the decision by 51% of the UK electorate to vote to Leave what they entered in 1973 as the European Economic Community thus reverting Britain to a pre-EU nation state and restoring its national sovereignty but also upending a strategic foreign policy objective of successive Republican and Democrat administrations going back to the days of Republican Eisenhower administration and Democrat Kennedy administration. The second was the election of the “Republican” Donald Trump as President of the United States. Neither of these events were meant to happen. Yet they did and the Euro-Americans have been dumb founded ever since how all their best laid Soros plans and decades of meticulous post-1945 CIA-German-Japanese integration, exchange and collaboration on science, medicine, technology, war etc. have been shredded in an instant and shredded by of all peoples the likes of political novice outsiders such as Nigel Farage whom David Cameron derided as a “fruitcake, looney, racist” and Donald Trump whom William Hague has derided as a “joke”. How could the finest minds, strategists, politicians, tacticians (everyone) that the post-1945 CIA-German-Japanese “community” has produced be so outsmarted and outwitted by people such as Nigel Farage and Donald Trump and for that matter Jeremy Corbyn?

It will be very interesting indeed to see what precisely Mrs. May is offering on Friday in Florence, how much she is offering and will it be enough to placate an EU and CIA-German-Japanese faction baying for British blood. As the great Chinese Prime Minister Zhou Enlai said when asked to comment on the 200th anniversary of the significance of the French Revolution in 1989 his reply was supremely wise: “It is too soon to tell.”

Source – Strategic-Culture

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