Welcome to Everything Down Monday!

Welcome to Everything Down Monday! by Rory – The Daily Coin

As of approximately 2:00pm EST the S&P fell off a cliff and the VIX spiked to the upside. This is happening as both gold and silver have been drifting lower since the metals “markets” opened Sunday evening.

About the same time the S&P took a sharp drop, silver took a sharp drop as well and bounced off $17.00.

As reported by ZeroHedge

Well that escalated quickly…

Some chatter than Lawrence Lessig’s comments on regulating ‘code’ spoked some of the mega tech stocks, FANG tumbled…

And that dragged everything down…


VIX spiked back above 10…

And in case you were looking for a catalyst, there is none (same as with the panic-bid at the open).

As ZeroHedge pointed out there doesn’t seem to be reason for any of this madness other than just another day in the new normal.

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