How To Make Flour, Bread And Even Coffee With Acorns

How To Make Flour, Bread And Even Coffee With Acorns by: Tricia Drevets – Off the Grid News

TDC Note – Acorns make a great flour – if you’ve ever had acorn bread you already know, if not, just know in a pinch it works as well as the flour you have in your pantry today.


Did you know that there is a nutritious food source literally dropping from your trees each fall? In fact, unless you are a squirrel, you may even see this food as a nuisance.

Alas, the lowly acorn was not always seen this way. Historical sources suggest that some of the world’s earliest civilizations ate acorns. In fact, the word for “oak” in Tunisian translates to “meal-bearing tree.”

Although acorns, which contain healthy fats, protein and minerals, found their way into many Native American foods and are the main ingredient of a traditional Korean jelly recipe, most people today shy away from eating them. Why? Anyone who has ever sampled a raw acorn can tell you. They taste bitter.

The secret to eating – and enjoying acorns – lies in removing the tannins. When you complete this process, you can produce a subtly flavored flour that works well in all kinds of baking recipes and even as a coffee-like beverage.

The first step to removing the tannins is to select only ripe, brown acorns. Avoid green, blackened or mildewed acorns. Then remove the caps and boil the acorns for about 10 minutes. You will need to strain out the brown water and boil the acorns again in fresh water. Repeat this process three to four times until the water looks clear and the acorns can be easily shelled. Another way to remove the tannins is to use a coffee maker, and place the acorns where the grains normally would go. Run the coffee maker and change the water multiple times until the bitterness is removed. (Note: This is not how to make acorn coffee; that process is explained below.)

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