On Quantum Computing, Bitcoin and That Economist Magazine Cover

On Quantum Computing, Bitcoin and That Economist Magazine Cover by Rory – The Daily Coin

I want to thank Jeff Brown, China Rising, for bringing this to my attention. It appears to the be smoking gun I have been seeking to dispel the whole of bitcoin, global currency and the assimilation that is happening right now and will be allowed to run it’s course through most 2018. It may run a little longer, as Christine Lagarde, has stated 2021 is the IMF’s target for digital currency.

This new illusion of wealth called bitcoin, and more than 1,100 offshoots, has opened the door to a number of venues that were previously not discussed. Quantum computing is one such area. I know nothing about this technology, but I am learning a little about it. What has happened is people have come to me and said that quantum computing doesn’t exist. Well, apparently Brian L. Wang, who’s bio is laid out below, claims there was a quantum computer sold to Lockheed Martin in 2010 – 7 years ago. Whoever Brian L. Wang is, he is certainly plugged in and seemingly has the ear of some high ranking people. After checking the links within his bio, it seems legit. Could this be a ruse to make me look like an idiot? Of course, we are dealing with evil on a level that is difficult for most people to wrap their heads around so anything is possible.

Brian L. Wang, M.B.A. is a long time futurist. A lecturer at the Singularity University and Nextbigfuture.com author. He worked on the most recent ten year plan for the Institute for the Future and at a two day Institute for the Future workshop with Universities and City planners in Hong Kong (advising the city of Hong Kong on their future plans). He had a TEDx lecture on Energy. Brian is available as a speaker for corporations and organizations that value accurate and detailed insight into the development of technology global trends.

Contact : blwang at gmail dot com

He has worked in the information technology industry for over 20 years and ran his own professional services computer consulting company. He has also been involved in e-commerce, internet startups and real estate investing.

He is the author of Nextbigfuture website. Nextbigfuture ranks 3rd in innovation according to blogmetrics. Nextbigfuture ranks first in future  http://www.blogmetrics.org/Future

He has written over 20000 articles for Nextbigfuture including in depth coverage on energy (especially nuclear and nuclear fusion), space, quantum computers, science, superconductors, nanotechnology, advanced computers and communication, military, technology, AI, urban development, cities and megacities.

He provided an annual lecture providing an update and overview on nanotechnology at the Singularity University from 2009 to 2012.

Brian has been part of the IARPA Good judgement project for 2 years. This is predictions market where differing points are wagered based on the forecasters confidence. This study is to get groups to make superior predictions.

Brian has been studying how to make better predictions and forecasts for over 3 decades. He reviews predictions to see why they were right or wrong.


In 2006, He made a highly precise prediction on Longbets that was correct. It was fulfilled when Dwave systems sold a 128 qubit system to Lockheed for $10 million in November, 2010

Prediction – There will be a quantum computer with over 100 qubits of processing capability sold either as a hardware system or whose use is made available as a commercial service by Dec 31, 2010 http://longbets.org/266/


Here is one of the links discussing Lockheed Martin and the sale of the D-Wave quantum computing system – click here

Quantum computers are an important piece of the puzzle of a global currency and 5G internet, which will be rolled out over the next year, is the platform to carry such high computing speed/power. 5G internet has promised to take computing, for the average person, to the next level and will be much faster than anything we, the little people, experience today.

As I am sure a lot of you know bitcoin is having a time with spreading because of slow transactional speeds. I have read it can take up to 10 minutes for a single transaction to process – this will not work if the globalist want to push us into a cashless society. It appears that Brain L. Wang and Cornell University have solved one of the problems plaguing bitcoin and is using something called qbitcoin.

It’s explained below

A decentralized online quantum cash system, called qBitcoin, is given. Researchers designed a system which has great benefits of quantization in the following sense.A Firstly, quantum teleportation technology is used for coin transaction, which prevents an owner of a coin from keeping the original coin data after sending the coin to another. This was a main problem in systems using classical information and a blockchain was introduced to solve this issue. In qBitcoin, the double-spending problem never happens and its security is guaranteed theoretically by virtue of quantum information theory. Making a bock is time consuming and the system of qBitcoin is based on a quantum chain, instead of blocks. Therefore a payment can be completed much faster than Bitcoin. Moreover they employ quantum digital signature so that it naturally inherits properties of peer-to-peer (P2P) cash system as originally proposed in Bitcoin. Source

The novelty of qBitcoin compared to Bitcoin or other quantum money schemes can be summarized as follows.
1. Quantum teleportation is used to transmit a coin. This prevents from double spending in a simple way without help of a blockchain.
2. Quantum digital signature is used to verify transaction. This requires other participants to be involved in verifying signatures, hence it is compatible with P2P.
3. Transaction data is stored not in a block but in a point, hence transaction is immediately completed once if signature is verified. In other words, a blockchain is replaced by a quantum chain.


If you notice the symbols, I presume these are mathematical, but there is one symbol in particular that stands out. It is the exact same symbol used on the Economist magazine cover from 1988. It’s probably nothing, but it is interesting this same symbol is showing up in a formula using qbitcoin and discussing taking bitcoin to the next level by creating the exact work around, the completely opaque hijacking of blockchain technology in the click of a mouse – and no one is the wiser.

We have discussed, throughout most of August 2017, the globalist will not stand idly by and allow their power structure to be taken over. We have asked questions like – why is the mainstream media embracing cryptocurrencies? Why are governments ignoring currency laws around the world? What role is the IMF going to play as they step up to blockchain? Why is no one in the cryptocurrency space concerned about Blythe Masters developing cryptocurrencies for an Israeli company? Why is no one in the cryptocurrency space concerned about the central bank cryptocurrency, USC, reaching phase III of development? This USC cryptocurrency is being created by some of the most criminal banksters on the planet.

These are just a few of the questions we have been asking. It seems the cryptocurrency cheerleaders are letting their guard down as this does not seem to be a problem even in the face of China shutting down all the cryptocurrency exchanges.

Oh well, time to add to my off grid, anonymous, decentralized, HONEST, real money.

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